Emmerdale fans work out Calebs unlikely ally in Kim Tate revenge plot

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During the latest instalment of Emmerdale Cain Dingle (played by Jeff Hordley) locked horns with Kim Tate (Claire King) on the ITV soap.

She warned him: “It would give me no pleasure to put you out of business, and the reason is, it’s too quick and easy.

“It would however amuse me greatly to slowly and carefully ruin the lives of each and every member of your family, whilst you witness it, helpless, knowing it was your fault.”

Cain replied: “And there might have been a time when you could do that, but not anymore.”

Kim replied: “Are you sure about that? There won’t be another warning for you.”

With the heat rising between the two rivals and Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) wanting to ruin Kim’s life, will he open up to Cain about his revenge scheme?

Caleb and Cain are brothers but the latter doesn’t appear to trust his long-lost sibling that much.

Will Caleb and Cain unite over their hatred for Kim and her greed?

Could Caleb finally take down Kim with the help of Emmerdale hard man Cain?

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Fans flocked to Twitter with their theories, with Grianne suggesting: “Wait, why doesn’t Caleb just tell Cain about his Kim vendetta?

“With the way things are currently, Cain would probably jump at the chance to bring the b***h down once and for all. Although he might have a hard time believing Faith would ever get involved with Frank (Tate).”

Rhys Thompson added: “Just can’t stand Kim and glad that Caleb is taking her on. He and the Dingles should win and make her live at rock bottom for a change see how it feels! #emmerdale.”

However, Emma shared: “Wouldn’t be too surprised if Kim and Cain are playing the long game to catch out Caleb #OneCanHope #emmerdale.”

Jamal penned: “I wonder who is going to be on who’s side. When the truth comes out. Caleb’s secret and Nicky’s secret? #emmerdale.”

@TheTateDynasty added: “Uh oh. Cain, believe Kim when she says she will destroy you. Caleb has no idea what he’s taking on.”

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV and ITVX.

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