Emmerdale spoilers: Liam Cavanagh proposes to ecstatic Leyla Harding – just ahead of Bernice Blackstock's return

LIAM Cavanagh proposes to ecstatic Leyla Harding next week in Emmerdale – as Bernice Blackstock’s return looms.

Bernice – who is played by Samantha Giles in the ITV soap – made a quick exit last November after getting the bad news that her ex-husband Charlie had been in an awful accident, calling off her wedding to Liam.

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Bernice was later forced to dump him over the phone from Australia after he cheated on her with Leyla.

Next week, Liam will decide it’s time to tie the knot with Leyla and plan a proposal with the help of David.

Meena will threaten to destroy the proposal when she gets the wrong end of the stick and suspects there’s a spark between David and Leyla.

David tries to delay Leyla, and waits for Leanna to give him the signal that Liam is ready to propose.

But Meena is fuming when she sees David and, thinking that Leyla is trying to steal David, she rudely interrupts the attempted proposal.

David is aghast and tries to explain to Meena that he was delaying Leyla so that Liam could propose, but in doing so he blows the surprise. 

Liam is gutted when he realises his plan has been ruined by Meena.

But seeing the lengths Liam has gone to, Leyla is touched and suggests he try again.

After he makes a heartfelt speech, Leyla agrees to marry him. 

As Liam and Leyla celebrate their engagement, David and Meena find their relationship at rock bottom.

Bernice is set to return out of the blue in the coming weeks and unsettle her ex Liam, who took months to get over their split. 

Speaking about her character’s return, actress Samantha recently told Digital Spy: "I’m delighted to be returning to play out Bernice’s future storylines which I’m sure are going to keep the audience entertained. 

“She certainly arrives back with a bang that’s all I'm allowed to say right now and I’m looking forward to releasing my next two books whilst juggling her hectic onscreen life!"

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