Emmerdale spoilers: Return from dead, murder attempt, missing child

Home Farm is thrown into chaos in Emmerdale as Kim Tate (Claire King) is left stunned to discover that Jamie is alive.

Hazel drops the bombshell that Jamie has since left after pushing her down the stairs.

Kim calls the police on Jamie but it soon becomes clear how torn and shattered she is.

Elsewhere, Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb) is filled with regret as he fears Charity (Emma Atkins) will discover his betrayal.

Monday September 12

Frustrated when Hazel and Mille haven’t turned up, Kim’s shocked when she learns Hazel has been in a car accident. At the hospital, Kim’s shocked when Hazel tells her she was pushed down the stairs by Jamie who Kim believed to be dead and Hazel’s scared when Kim insists she tell her exactly what he’s been up to.

Hazel fills Kim in on the details of her time with Jamie. Kim’s hard faced as she wastes no time in calling the police to report him for attempted murder and Millie’s scared and confused upon seeing Kim.

Determined to keep her safe from now on, Kim seethes with anger at what has happened. Later, Millie’s shy as she arrives at Home Farm with Kim. Dawn, Will and Gabby struggle to get their heads around the news Jamie is still alive.

Now left alone, the years of hurt and betrayal from Jamie boil to the surface as a weeping Kim smashes up the Home Farm living room.

Having returned from the Police Station, Naomi worries she’ll be facing jail time. 

Jai’s delighted when Laurel asks him to move back in. However, Archie’s unimpressed.

Tuesday September 13

The police show Kim definitive proof that Jamie is alive. Later, after overhearing Kim talk about her dad, a confused and upset Millie reacts badly. Later, Kim’s petrified when she finds that Millie has run away.

Guilty Mack beats himself up over his affair and he plans on telling Charity the truth but soon backtracks as he follows a suggestive Charity upstairs.

Wednesday September 14

Kim’s anxious when Harriet informs her they’ve not found Millie.

Charity’s thrilled when Mack surprises her with a trip to Ibiza.

Priya worries Liam’s in denial about the reality of the situation and asks Jai for help in managing Liam’s expectations for Leyla’s rehabilitation.

Later, as Jai coaches Liam on how best to deal with Leyla’s rehabilitation, Liam’s hit with the hard truth of dealing with an addict.

Thursday September 15

Excited Charity prepares for her trip away as furtive Mack answers a call, demanding that the person on the other end leave him alone.

The next day, Leyla and Liam have couple’s therapy and Liam is left feeling exhausted after they both open up. 

Both suffering a little with loneliness, Rishi and Bernice agree to have lunch together. Later, Rishi bails on his lunch with Bernice, fearing she’s too intense and she’s mortified when she finds out.

Friday September 16

Liam returns home with Leyla but it’s tense between the two of them. 

Noah accepts a position as Marcus’ apprentice and Bernice confronts Rishi over ditching her at lunch. 

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