Emmerdale viewers terrified for Samson Dingle after spotting clue he's following in Uncle Cain's footsteps

EMMERDALE fans fear Samson Dingle will take after his Uncle Cain's way of thinking after Lydia was tormented by a gang of teenage thugs.

Tuesday's episode of the ITV soap saw Lydia and Sam shook after someone threw a brick through their window.

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Sam immediately ran out to find the culprit – but there was no one in sight.

Lydia tried to act strong for the sake of Sam and Samson and told them to go to work and school and not to worry about her.

But later, Lydia was confronted by two teenagers who proceeded to mug her by emptying her handbag and stealing money.

Samson was seen watching from a distance and viewers were fuming that he didn’t intervene.

But does he have something more sinister in mind?

Samson is seen making a mysterious phone call to an unknown person.

Fans believe he may be taking matters into his own hands in a violent way.

He asked the caller if the boys he named were in his English class.

And then he arranged to meet up with them during "break."

He searched the kitchen for a weapon as he made plans to have "a word" with the two teenage boys who confronted Lydia.

He took out the metal heavy crowbar from the toolbox and smiled.

Could Samson be capable of murder?

Fans seem to think so as one said: “There's gonna be a murrrderrrrr.”

A second wrote: “Samson plans to resolve Lydia issue the proper dingle way.”

Another penned: “Samson has definitely got his Uncle Cain's way of thinking.”

Emmerdale continues on Wednesday at 7pm on ITV.

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