Emmerdale's Chas and Cain to reject mum Faith Dingle as her cancer returns

EMMERDALE'S Faith Dingle is going to be rejected by her children Cain and Chas after fearing her cancer has returned.

The part-time barmaid – who is played by actress Sally Dexter in the ITV soap – is experiencing pains in her body and is convinced her cancer is back – but has decided to keep it from her children.

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However the decision leads them to think the worst of her – and reject her, demanding she leaves the village instead.

Faith will start experiencing sharp stabs of pain this week – but hide her mystery illness.

In scenes set to air next week, Chas accuses Faith of being drunk when she falls over. 

Faith secretly worries about her health, growing convinced something must be seriously wrong with her. 

Later, Eric notices something is up with Faith, but she refuses to open up to him. 

When she collapses, however, Eric realises she needs urgent medical attention. 

Later, after Manpreet arranges an urgent MRI for her, Faith expresses her concerns to Eric that her cancer may have returned. 

Meanwhile, Brenda tells David that she’s feeling neglected by Eric and decides to prepare a romantic surprise for him. 

The following day, Eric invites Faith to spend a night at the barn and Brenda is shocked to find her in her house wearing Eric’s bathrobe. 

When Faith tries to explain, Brenda tells her to save it and storms off. 

Chas also stumbles across the scene and berates her mum for causing trouble yet again, leaving before Faith has a chance to explain. 

Faith begs Eric to keep her secret for her, but he gently insists he can’t throw his relationship with Brenda away – and has to come clean about what’s going on.

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In 2017, it was revealed that Faith had been secretly battling breast cancer as she revealed her mastectomy scars looking at herself in the mirror.

Faith eventually confided in Moira, who then told Chas about Faith’s secret health battle. 

Will Faith hide her health concerns from Chas again?

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