Emmerdale’s Vanessa left devastated as Charity betrays her amid cancer news

Emmerdale will air fresh turmoil for Vanessa Woodfield next week, after a decision by partner Charity Dingle.

Vanessa was recently kidnapped by killer Pierce Harris, and during her ordeal she revealed she had been diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Since her ordeal came to an end, she's kept her illness a secret asides telling fiancée Charity.

But next week this choice is taken from her, when a struggling Charity blurts out the truth to Vanessa's sister Tracy.

Charity has been urging Vanessa to tell her family what's going on, but has agreed to keep her secret for her.

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Next week though, her concern for her wife-to-be leads to her spilling the beans.

With Vanessa in pain, Charity tries to comfort her but ends up feeling useless.

Tracy throws her sibling a surprise birthday party without Charity knowing, so when she does find out she's worried.

Insistent it isn't what she needs, Charity tries to get her to call the entire thing off.

The girls end up clashing as Tracy refuses, leading to a bombshell that leaves Tracy reeling.

Struggling to hold it together, Charity tells Tracy about her sister's illness.

Tracy tries to get all the guests out, realising Charity is right, but it's too late and Vanessa makes her arrival.

As Vanessa puts on a brave face, she very quickly realises Charity has revealed all causing her to storm out.

Tracy follows her, leading to the pair having an emotional heart-to-heart.

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Charity only feels more left out over the unfolding situation though, with Vanessa now turning to her sister.

As a troubled Charity hits out at her sister-in-law and tensions boil over, will they be able to get along for Vanessa's sake?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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