Get to know Grey's Anatomy scrub nurse Bohkee

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been taking the chance to rewatch the medical drama and some have realised how one character has been a silent part of the show the very start.

Bohkee is the loyal scrub nurse who has appeared in many of the OR surgeries we’ve watched take place in Seattle Grace Hospital (aka Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital).

However, she doesn’t get to speak very much. In fact, she’s only had a few lines ever since it started in 2005.

But that hasn’t stopped her from building a large fan base thanks to her expressive reactions during surgeries.

Who is Bohkee in Grey’s Anatomy?

Bohkee is played by Kathy C An, who is an actual scrub nurse in real-life.

A surgical nurse’s role is to prepare the operating room beforehand as well as to assist both during routine and difficult surgical procedures.

Some of the cast have even watched her at work during open-heart surgeries in Los Angeles when preparing for their roles on the show.

The character Bohkee has been a help to most of the major surgeons in the hospital, Preston Burke and Richard Webber being prime examples.

During the shooting at Seattle Grace, Bohkee was the nurse who passed Jackson Avery a tool to help save the life of Derek Shepherd during surgery with Cristina Yang.

And we know Bohkee speaks Korean as shown when she tells her husband, Jae, that DeLuca loves Meredith.

Actress Kathy is just as popular off-screen and has been praised by her co-stars.

In 2013 former star Sandra Oh (Yang) tweeted: ‘The nurse in that scene, Bokhee, is a real surgical nurse.

‘She’s been with us since the beginning. She’s like my 2nd mom, she’s the best.’

Kathy has been in every season of the medical drama but also appeared in other TV shows such as Six Feet Under in 2011 and in Grey’s spin-off Private Practice where she assisted the surgery on Erica Warner (AJ Langer).

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