Good Morning Britain’s Richard Madeley breaks silence on Alan Partridge comparisons and 'doesn't care' if he's cancelled | The Sun

GOOD Morning Britain’s Richard Madeley has broken his silence on the Alan Partridge comparisons and 'doesn't care' if he's cancelled

The TV star, 66, has been set side by side by comedy character played by Steve Coogan over the years.

But it seems like the broadcaster isn't bothered that he's compared to the fictional local radio host.

Richard recently told Bella magazine: "I take comfort from the fact that I'm not the only one who gets mentioned alongside him.

"If I minded that, then I'd have to be the kind of presenter – and person – who took themselves seriously. And I don't take myself seriously."

The Good Morning Britain explained that he doesn't mind people having a negative opinion on him, because he also likes to "dislike people in television".

"If people want to take the mickey or have a laugh at my expense, it's fine. Go ahead, I don't mind. People like to dislike people in television, Richard continued.

"I know I've got a sometimes irrational hatred for people on the television.

"I'll shout and shake my fist at them and then I'll meet them at dos and realise that they're lovely. So, why should I be the exception?"

"It's great that there are people who enjoy what I do, but other people think I'm a w*****, that's fine – they're entitled to."

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Richard, who shot to fame over 40 years ago, understands that negative comments in his industry can't be avoided.

He continued: "You can only learn through experience. I've been on television since 1978, went to Granada in 1982, I met Judy and then this Morning started in 1988 – a long time ago – and then Channel 4.

"I've sailed through so many s***storms and I've realised that unless you genuinely do something very wrong, which hopefully I've never done, it doesn't matter.

"It's just part and parcel of the game."

Richard also touched upon Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield's queue-gate.

The pair faced a huge amount of backlash in September when fans accused them of "jumping the queue" to see the Queen lying in state.

He said: "I think they do a great job on This Morning and I want them to because it's my show – Judy and I launched it.

"I think they've done very well in weathering the 'queue-gate' storm."

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