'Head Held High': Mike Has Officially Returned To Jersey Shore

Break out the Funfettis and Diet Soders — Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is BACK!

Tonight’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation saw the grand return of Big Daddy Sitch following his eight-month prison sentence. While the gang found themselves in “full-blown Mike’s-getting-released-from-prison mode,” Sitch’s wife Lauren prepped the sugar cookies and “welcome home” Funfetti cake.

“We’ve waited eight months for this,” said Vinny. “Mike has always been an integral part of our group, and we felt that when he left. So just having him back completes us as a whole.”

But no one was more excited than the Sitch, obvi, who emerged from prison a more confident (and far more ripped) version of his former self.

Cue Jenni: “Mike looks phenomenal. I’m not saying go to jail to straighten up, but holy sh*t.”

For his part, Mike was elated to be home. “I’ve been dreaming about this day for eight months. And walking out of prison, I definitely feel like Rocky right now,” he said with tears in his eyes. “Head held high, and hand and finger to the sky.”

And as eager as he was to get back to group chat and his GTL routine, it was Laurens he missed most.

“I just want to get home with my wife, put on some comfy clothes, see my dog Moses, and snuggle together,” he said.

Meanwhile, the crew vowed to give Mike 24 hours to have his “pizza party,” but then it’s on, Jersey Shore-style.

“He can go home, he can do it with Laurens, he can have pizza and French fries, go crazy, relax, binge your favorite shows, but tomorrow, Michael has to come here,” Nicole said. “I’m probably gonna cry because I love him and miss him.” Us, too, Snooki. Us, too.

Tune in next Thursday at 8/7c for Mike’s big family reunion!

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