Heres a look at the cast of His Dark Materials season 3

His Dark Materials: BBC's extended trailer for series three

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The third series of His Dark Materials will be coming to screens this evening (December 18) on BBC One at 7pm. The eight-part series promises to be an eventful watch as the story is brought to a close. Episode one is called The Enchanted Sleeper and will see some familiar faces returning to proceedings, while the show will also see new characters joining the fray later on.

Who is in His Dark Materials season 3, episode 1?

Lyra Belacqua – Dafne Keen

Reprising her breakout role as Lyra Belacqua one last time is Dafne Keen, who was 11 when she first started on the show and is now 17.

Prior to His Dark Materials, Dafne starred in Logan and The Refugees. However, the BBC and HBO co-production is her most high profile role to date.

Speaking about the new series, Dafne said on This Morning: “Well, we can expect more worlds, bigger worlds. It’s darker, more adventure.”

She also promised the show stayed “quite loyal” to the original book trilogy and hinted fans of the novels would see romance between Lyra and Will Parry (played by Amir Wilson).

Reflecting on the end of the show, Dafne said: “I am actually quite sad.”

She went on to say: “It’s really sad to think that the thing I go back to every year and spend eight months with won’t be [anymore].”

However, she admitted she was “excited to start playing adults” and was “over” playing children now. She said: “I’ve been playing the feral tween since I was nine.”

Dafne added: “I’ve played too many goodies, I’m ready to be a villain.”

Will Parry – Amir Wilson

Amir Wilson will be again taking on the role of hero Will Parry as he and Lyra embark on their biggest adventure yet.

Along with starring in His Dark Materials, Amir led Netflix’s epic series The Letter for the King as well as featuring in The Secret Garden, The Magic Flute and Special Delivery.

Mrs Coulter – Ruth Wilson

The inimitable Ruth Wilson will be the chief antagonist-turned-heroine and Lyra’s mother Mrs Coulter as she tries to protect her daughter from the very institution she once worked for.

Ruth is best known for her roles in The Affair on Showtime, Luther, Jane Eyre and Mrs Wilson.

Lord Asriel – James McAvoy

Hollywood star James McAvoy is Lyra’s father Lord Asriel, who will be joining the fight between good and evil.

From Atonement and The Last King of Scotland to Split and Filth, James has starred in a wide array of roles and projects over the years.

Father President MacPhail – Will Keen

Playing creepy priest Father President MacPhail is Will Keen, who is also Dafne’s father in real-life.

The star’s biggest credits are Victor Frankenstein – also starring James, as well as Operation Mincemeat, Love and Other Disasters and Wolf Hall. Will is also confirmed to be starring in season two of Amazon Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Roger Parslow – Lewin Lloyd

Child star Lewin Lloyd reprises his role as Roger Parslow, who was slain in season one but will be making a return.

Lewin’s other projects include Pinocchio, Doctor Who, The Aeronauts, The Alienist and Taboo.

Father Gomez – Jamie Ward

Jamie Ward will be Father Gomez, who works for Father MacPhail and is sent to find Lyra.

The star’s other projects include The Durrells, Monster Party, The Pact, Tyrants and The Rezort.

Pantalaimon – Kit Connor

Rounding off the cast will be actor Kit Connor, who lends his voice once more to Lyra’s daemon Pantalaimon.

Since starring in His Dark Materials, Kit has been propelled into the spotlight thanks to his role in the Netflix Emmy-winning series Heartstopper.

His Dark Materials season 3 starts tonight on BBC One at 7pm

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