Here’s how much Helen Mirren is really worth

Helen Mirren is an award-winning actress, someone who only recently became a feminist a few years ago, and a woman who goes by a name that isn’t actually the one she was born with. She also happens to be a star who’s led a long and successful career, which has made her incredibly rich.

First entering the entertainment business when she was just 18 years old, Mirren was accepted into the National Youth Theatre where she appeared in Antony and Cleopatra as the iconic Egyptian queen. From there, she joined the Royal Shakespeare Company before taking on her first film role in 1969’s Age of Consent. That launched an on-screen streak that has resulted in one Academy Award, four BAFTAs, three Golden Globes, four Emmys, and two Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Awards, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Thanks to Mirren’s enduring popularity and stunning presence, she also scored a (likely lucrative) gig as the spokesperson for L’Oréal’s Age Perfect moisturizers. Although, according to The Guardian, she admits that “being powerful is so much more interesting than being beautiful.” And surely she feels powerful with a fortune that’s estimated to be around $50 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. She also happens to feel “smug” about money in certain circumstances.

Helen Mirren feels 'smug' when she spends smartly (but she was also scammed)

Helen Mirren may be skilled and successful enough to have earned herself an enviable fortune, but she’s also someone who can be both proud of her spending ways and someone who has been scammed out of money. In July 2019, Mirren opened up to Grazia magazine (via Daily Motion) about the fact that she “doesn’t spend a lot of money on products” and tends to feel a certain kind of joy when she scores a bargain. “There’s nothing like dropping 10 quid on a new lipstick and feeling suitably smug,” she said.

However, she’s not always so savvy. In November of that same year, the Winchester actress admitted she “was scammed,” according to the Daily Mail. Despite revealing that she was “so embarrassed about it,” she was willing to explain the details of the con, saying, “They did it brilliantly … [W]hen I picked up the phone, they said, ‘I’ve got her, I’ve got her, we’re so excited to tell you you’ve won this prize!'” In order to get that, er, prize, Mirren “had to send them money.” Apparently, she did just that, and in return started receiving “weird things like a 3D camera … and a fake diamond tennis bracelet.”

Thankfully, Mirren can afford to lose a little cash and still have millions left over. Hopefully that takes some of the sting out of the scam.

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