How many episodes are in Ridley Road on BBC One?

Agnes O’Casey stars in BBC's Ridley Road trailer

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Ridley Road is the upcoming BBC adaptation of the novel by Jo Bloom. The mini-series will premiere on Sunday evening and bring together an ensemble cast of familiar faces. Taking place in 1962, the story focuses on a coalition of anti-fascists who stood up to rising neo-Nazism in the UK.

How many episodes are in Ridley Road?

BBC One recently released the first trailer for Ridley Road, which finally confirmed the release date for the show.

Set to premiere on Sunday, October 3 at 9pm on BBC One, Ridley Road is the next big adaptation from the broadcaster.

The show will be a self-contained, four-part series which will explore the rise of fascism in 1960s Britain and the people that bravely stood up against it.

In the trailer, Vivien Epstein (played by Agnes O’Casey) can be seen going undercover in a neo-Nazi organisation to bring it down from the inside.

What is Ridley Road about?

The show is inspired by true events as described in Jo Bloom’s novel of the same name.

Vivien is a young Jewish woman who decides to move to East London from Manchester following the death of her father.

Shortly after begging for a job in a hair salon in Soho, Vivien finds herself caught up with, and recruited by, an anti-fascist movement. 

She is soon selected to be the one to go undercover into a neo-Nazi group, dangerously feeding information to the outside.

The main plot of the show is a complete work of fiction, despite reflecting real-world events.

There was a rise in fascism in East London during the 1960s, with Ridley Road being the main location for it.

Group 62, the organisation Vivien joins, was real and was created in response to anti-Semitism at the time.

Both sides were at their height in 1962 when the series is set, with a riot in Trafalgar Square between both groups.

Who is in the cast of Ridley Road?

This is O’Casey’s onscreen debut, with the star leading the four-episode drama in her first major television role.

O’Casey said of her casting: “Sarah Solemani has blown me away with the detail, sensitivity, and complexity with which she has written Vivien.

“I can’t wait to bring this vital and little-known story to life”.

Joining her is Game of Thrones star Tom Varey, who plays Jack Morris, Vivien’s love interest.

The show is also using some real-life historical figures, including fascist Colin Jordan, played by Years and Years actor Rory Kinnear. 

However, the bulk of the cast is fictitious, with the leader of the anti-fascist movement, Soly Malinovsky a work of fiction by author Bloom.

He is played by Eddie Marsan, who could recently be seen in Channel 4’s Deceit.

Rounding out the main cast is Gabriel Akuwudike as Stevie, Will Keen as David Epstein, Danny Hatchard as Lee, and Tracy Ann Oberman as Mancy Malinovsky.

Ridley Road will premiere on Sunday October 3 at 9pm on BBC One.

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