Huw Edwards caught out eating live on BBC News during election coverage Crumbs!

Huw Edwards apologises after Bill Cosby blunder

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The veteran BBC News broadcaster admitted to viewers he felt “ashamed” after he was caught eating the flakey pastry on Friday morning. The 60-year-old took a few bites while his co-star Reeta Chakrabarti was feeding back the local election figures, but he was caught wiping away crumbs when the cameras panned back to him.

Huw later made fun of the comical moment with political scientist Professor Sir John Curtice, who featured on the news programme to offer an analysis of the election results.

While introducing his guest, Huw quipped: “I’m just wondering whether Sir John Curtice has been helping himself to French patisserie this morning as he is chomping through his data.”

Sir John replied: “I was just about to say, Huw, whether you were going to send them up to us because they have certainly not reached here yet.”

Huw added: “I shall make a delivery at six o’clock Jonathan, no question.”

Huw shared the clip on his Twitter with the comment “crumbs” next to a croissant and French flag emoji which was liked almost 6,000 times.

BBC News viewers were left in stitches over the croissant gaffe and swarms of them took to social media to comment on the hilarious moment.

Stuart MacDonald remarked: “I had a screaming child in my arms watching @BBCNews and watching @thehuwedwards do this really did make my morning!”

Noel added: “Was very funny, you were very professional Huw!”

@Corsfordfamily tweeted the broadcaster, saying: “Really enjoyed your early morning coverage, Huw, definitely deserved that croissant.”

James Jones remarked: “How is Huw Edwards still awake? He’s been on for almost 24 hours. You have to give the man credit.”

Lindsay Shanahan said: “You’re allowed to eat @thehuwedwards, especially at that time of the morning when it’s been a long night.”

The Prime Minister is now facing demands to quit from Conservative MPs as the party lost hundreds of seats to Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

The Tory party lost more than 460 seats and control of 11 councils.

The Liberal Democrats saw more than 200 councillors voted in, taking control of Hull, Woking and Gosport councils.

Boris Johnson admitted on Friday his party had a “tough” time in some areas, however, he stressed the results had been mixed overall. 

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