Is Line of Duty's Kate Fleming H? All the clues and theories explained

THE NATION has been gripped by Line of Duty series 6, the BBC’s long-running crime thriller.

After nine years of waiting, fans believe they are finally going to discover who ‘H’ is – and some believe it’s DI Kate Fleming.

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Is Kate Fleming H?

Some believe Kate is H, although most Line of Duty fans don’t think she’s bent.

According to a YouGov poll, just three per cent of viewers believe the inspector is guilty.

But she became a candidate after shooting PC Ryan Pilkington – a bent copper himself – dead in the most recent episode.

Kate refused to give herself up and trust her AC-12 colleagues – superintendent Ted Hastings and DI Steve Arnott – despite their nine-year friendship.

Could this be the biggest twist in the popular crime drama yet?

Here are the most common fan theories…

The series 6 trailer

At the end of the initial series 6 trailer, DC Chloe Bishop asks Steve: "Do you still believe there's a fourth man out there?"

To which Steve replies: "Man? Or woman?"

The trailer then cuts to Kate before ending, leaving viewers bemused as to why it finished with the inspector.

Was this foreshadowing a major shock? Or just teasing eager viewers?

Carmichael doesn’t trust Kate

In the most recent episode, acting DSU Jo Davidson takes the fall for Kate after she shot Ryan dead.

DCS Patricia Carmichael, who many believe is H, questioned Kate’s fire-arm training, claiming only she could shoot Ryan twice in the chest.

Kate seemed happy to let Davidson take the blame, although the arrested copper did try and lure the inspector to her death.

If Carmichael is innocent and just very thorough, she may reveal Kate as H in the series finale.

Some fans also believe the inspector shot Ryan in the chest – rather than his leg, for example – because she wanted to stop him from telling the truth.

Kate’s poor undercover record

Many of Kate’s undercover operations have gone wrong, such as when sergeant Danny Waldron is killed by his colleagues in series 3.

And AC-12 often get agonisingly close to the truth before a witness is silenced by the Organised Crime Group.

Some viewers believe Kate is pulling the strings – and her suspicious relationship bent DI Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan in series 3 only supports this theory.


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Kate had an affair

Despite being married with a child, Kate had an affair with Richard – the husband of murdered DS Jayne Akers – in series 2.

This has led to some fans questioning her morals, believing she is capable of falling into organised crime.

It’s been a long time since the affair has been mentioned, though, and it is unlikely to be revised in the series 6 finale.

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