ITV Tipping Point viewers distracted as players appearance takes centre stage

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    ITV Tipping Point viewers were left distracted on tonight’s episode of the popular gameshow (April 3) after one contestant sported an incredible hairstyle.

    As players Laura, Errol, Keith and Janet all joined host Ben Shephard in a bid to bag a £10k cash prize, it was contestant Errol that stole the show from the get go, sporting an impressive mane of thick curly dark hair.

    “That’s some hair Errol,” said on viewer.

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    “Bad a** afro,” another added, followed by a star-eye emoji.

    A third chimed adding: “Lovin Errols barnet!!”

    Unfortunately, his hair was the only thing that brought praise for the player as he failed to land a single penny into his bank account.

    After playing all three of his counters, he was unable to drop a single counter off the tipping point and was soon sent home.

    The rest of the episode saw several hilarious answer blunders.

    Player Laura was blasted for her answer to what fans thought was a very obvious question.

    She was asked: “Chris Martin is the frontman for which band?”

    Her answer, “Oasis”, stunned fans, with Coldplay being the correct answer.

    “Laura's not the sharpest knife in the drawer I fear,” one viewer commented

    “Cmon Laura that was so bleedin obvious!!,” and other added.

    Another gaffe came when she was asked: “a guitar belonging to which nirvana member sold for £6million” – she answered Led Zeplin, shocking viewers futher.

    Keith then waged a guess – suggesting the answer was Jimi Henrix.

    “Anyone who doesn’t know Kurt Cobain was the guitarist in nirvana does not deserve to win. #tippingpoint,” blasted one viewer.

    A second added: “Jimi Hendrix & Led Zepplin & I thought I had rubbish music knowledge.

    Plyer Keith followed with a second answer gag when he was asked what the the letters “DK” stand for in the fashion brand DKNY.

    His answer, “Denmark” left viewers in stitches.

    “Just came into the question "What do the letters DK stand for in DKNY?" and he said Denmark!” one viewer said, followed by a gif of someone laughing hysterically.

    Despite her gaffe answer, Laura soared into the lead with several lucky drops.

    She took on Keith to win a spot in the final, leading with £1850.

    Keith trailed slightly with £1600 and fought hard to steal the lead.

    He was victorious and made his way to the final.

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