Jacqueline Jossa defends her choice to go on holiday to Portugal and denies she’s an ‘anti-vaxxer’

JACQUELINE Jossa has insisted she is simply ‘pro choice’ and not an anti vaxxer after her husband Dan Osborne revealed he would never get the Covid vaccine. 

The mum-of-two, 28, defended her decision to go on holiday to Portugal as she returned home and made her feelings very clear about the jab, which is helping to save lives and slow the spread of infection.

She told her followers: “I’m not anti vac . I am pro choice. Read that again.”

When quizzed about why she would go away, she said: “Because it was ok to do so. I was allowed, mad I have say was allowed… like countries now have traffic light systems. Mad. I wanted to, my life, my choice. 

“All the procedures were in place, was completely sage. All negative test and forms filled in. Don’t worry my hun.”

The EastEnders star and Dan had been staying in a luxury villa with their daughters Ella, six, and Mia, two.

Dan flew home early to be reunited with his oldest son Teddy, seven, and decided to express his opinions on the vaccine. 

He ranted:  "I've said it from day one. People are going to have a go at me, but the whole thing is about money. The whole damn thing.

"I've had hundreds, maybe thousands of messages about kids getting the vaccination.

"Personally that s*** isn't even going in me – never mind my kids.

"People do your research, it's not good.

"That's just my opinion, it's my Instagram I should be able to say what I want."

Jacqueline, who has now returned home too, appeared to support his opinion as she shared a picture of herself in the pool and wrote: “We all have a choice.”

She decided to turn her comments off as her controversial opinion instantly sparked debate. 

So far a total of 67,381,870 vaccinations have been administered.

Of these, 40,460,576 people have received a first dose and 27,921,294 are doubly protected.

The mammoth effort has helped drive down cases and deaths in the UK – leading to hopes lockdown will be fully lifted from June 21.

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