Jay McGuiness confirms he HASN’T had a secret baby after causing Instagram meltdown at the weekend – The Sun

JAY McGuiness has confirmed that he HASN'T fathered a secret baby after sparking an Instagram meltdown at the weekend.

The 29-year-old former The Wanted singer baffled fans after he shared a photo of a newborn holding onto his index finger.

The sweet snap was simply captioned: "…and the painted ponies go up and down.", with no mention of who the baby's parents were.

Jay's followers were quick to assume that he was announcing his first child's arrival – but the star has now revealed that this is not the case.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Jay admitted that he was shocked by the misunderstanding – and that the baby actually belongs to his twin brother Thomas.

He explained: "I haven't had a baby, my twin brother had a baby.

"Basically, my twin brother had a kid – who is just perfect – and then my manager sent me a message screen grabbing the responses and was like: 'Everyone thinks you've had a kid!'"

Jay, who won Strictly Come Dancing in 2015, is currently rehearsing for the musical adaptation of Sleepless In Seattle, Sleepless: A Musical Romance, and his co-star Kimberley Walsh told us that she was also confused by his post.

She gasped: "It even came up on my alerts! I jumped into it because I was like: 'I don't know!'"

The ex Girls Aloud star then told Jay about Love Island's Jack Fincham, who announced that he had welcomed a daughter earlier this year having never mentioned that he was expecting.

She explained: "This guy who was on Love Island didn't tell anyone that he was having a baby and then just posted a picture with the baby.

"I think people were just surprised, and they thought you were doing that – surprise!"

Jay appeared to be on board with the idea, responding: "That sounds good, why not? Then you don't have to worry about it over the pregnancy – that's a good idea!"

Sleepless: A Musical Romance is the second production that Jay and Kimberley have appeared in together, with the pair being cast after wowing producers with their chemistry when they both starred in Big: The Musical last year.

The two play love interests in both shows – but Kim insisted that her husband Justin isn't worried about their connection.

Jay joked: "Do you know why he's not? Because he has met me."

Speaking about the show, he continued: "It feels weird because we spend nearly the whole show apart, it's like two plays happening next to each other and we meet at the end."

And both stars are confident that fans of the 1993 film will love the stage show, with Kimberley explaining: "It is an iconic movie and I really remember it growing up, I loved it.

"The changes in the show just give a bit more depth to the characters.

"You get a bit more of an insight into Annie and Sam and that is quite a nice thing."

Jay agreed: "I feel pretty happy that we’ve got a good starting point!

"It's totally different as well because this has songs."

Sleepless: A Musical Romance opens on the 1st April at the newly opened Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre, London, with previews from 24 March.

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