Jean Slater reunites Stacey and Lily after online cam upset in EastEnders

The Slaters were thrown into turmoil in EastEnders this week when Lily (Lillia Turner) exposed mum Stacey’s (Lacey Turner) secret online cam work.

Struggling with the cost of living, Stacey took to selling pictures of herself online in order to put food on the table.

However, this all backfired when Stacey’s pictures started going round Lily’s school, leaving the pregnant preteen humiliated.

The Slater family were completely shocked when Lily revealed what Stacey had been doing to earn some extra cash, with Jean (Gillian Wright) taking it particularly badly.

Stacey was hurt to find that Jean was still giving her the silent treatment the following day, admitting that she expected Lily to scream at her, but thought her mother would be more understanding.

After a heart to heart with Freddie (Bobby Brazier), Jean realised that she had to do something to bring the family back together, and promised Lily an afternoon off school if she just returned home instead of staying at Martin Fowler’s (James Bye).

Having had a complete change of heart about Stacey’s situation, Jean called Lily into the living room, where the three of them sat together and attempted to repair their relationship.

When Lily continued to call Stacey ‘disgusting’ for what she was doing, Jean pointed out that Stacey hadn’t judged her when she had fallen pregnant, and continued to stick up for her by explaining that Stacey wouldn’t be doing it if there was any other way.

Stacey agreed, admitting that she didn’t like doing it, but that she had to do whatever she could to put food on the table.

When Lily asked what it was like, Stacey decided that it was best to be honest, despite Jean’s hesitations.

Stacey admitted that she was terrified at first, and felt sick doing it for the first couple of nights, but soon got used to it.

She pointed out that ‘women have been selling their bodies since the world began’ and reminded her family that at least she was doing it safely in her own home.

As Stacey revealed that everything she had done was to help her children, Lily admitted that she would do anything for her baby, with Stacey agreeing that she will be a ‘lovely mum’.

Lily agreed, saying that she definitely will be if she’s anything like Stacey.

With the fractures in their relationship repaired, Stacey agreed to delete her Secret Cams account.

With this source of income gone, how long will Stacey last before her debts pile up?

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