Jessica Simpson’s daughter Maxwell, eight, is reading her mom’s memoir about her sexual history and alcohol abuse – The Sun

JESSICA Simpson's gritty memoir covering her abuse, divorce and alcohol battle perhaps has its youngest ever reader – her eight-year-old daughter.

The former popstar's read, Open Book, has received huge praise, with Jessica's candid approach to making public her previous demons.

The 39-year-old appears to have now made the parenting choice to allow eldest Maxwell to tackle the tome, something the adorable youngster revealed on her eighth birthday.

In a sweet Instagram video which showed her singing with her mommy, she stopped to read a message that has come through on her phone.

Jessica squealed: "Ohh my, how in the world are you already reading so fast?"

In a comment which may well have stunned her fans, Maxwell retorted: "I'm on the second chapter of your book."

Jessica looked a little surprised before she said: "Are you? That's amazing.

"Well my book is hard to read."

She has previously told US Weekly she adopts an "open and honest" approach to parenting her three children with husband Eric Johnson, whom she married in 2014.

Perhaps explaining her attitude to her kids reading her book, she explained: "I hope they can learn from some of my mistakes — but more importantly, learn that no life is perfect, challenges give us tools and it’s learning from our mistakes that makes us stronger.

"There are some topics in the book I don’t think they are mature enough to digest yet, but in due time I will share everything with them.”

Meanwhile, unlike many celeb memoirs, Jessica's has been widely praised.

In the hard-hitting read, the Texas native tells how she was abused by a family member at the age of six.

She also details her booze and pills dependancy which could have ended her life.

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