Joe Wicks fractures hand but will continue coronavirus lockdown classes

Joe Wicks is determined to give us no excuses not to join his online PE classes – as he continues exercising with a broken bone.

The personal trainer has been keeping families across the world entertained, with 15million tuning in across the last week to his YouTube channel updates where he’s vowed to hold daily PE lessons for kids as they have to work from home.

But speaking on the Andrew Marr show, the presenter was quick to notice his bandaged left hand as the star spoke about his action plan for the nation to get more active.

Explaining what happened, Joe said: ‘For those thinking “what’s he done to his arm?” – it wasn’t during a workout. I fell off my bike last week and fractured a little bone in my hand.’

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‘It hasn’t stopped me,’ he added. ‘I’ve been doing one-armed burpees, I’ve been doing squats, lunges, all sorts.

‘I’m really proud and inspired by the people that have been taking part.’

Joe’s workout series airs Monday to Friday at 9am, and aims to set children up for the day where they have to learn from home.

Dozens of celebrities have joined in on the efforts to keep children entertained as people get bored in isolation – with Noel Fielding holding art classes, Bake Off’s Candice Brown hosting baking classes and Sir Patrick Stewart reading poetry.

Joe has vowed to donate all money raised from his workouts to the NHS to help their efforts in fighting coronavirus.

‘So I’ve decided that as long as I’m the nations P.E. teacher, every single penny of the money generated on these videos is going to the place where we need it the most right now,’ he said in his statement.

‘All of it is going straight to the NHS, to support the real heroes right now.’

However, he hit a snag on Thursday after breaking a bone in his hand.

He revealed the injury online and revealed a wire would need to be put in to correct it.

P.E. With Joe airs weekdays from 9am live on BodyCoachTV’s YouTube channel.

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