John Mulaney and SNL Spoof Love Is Blind with Quarantine Twist amid Coronavirus Fears

Is love blind… to the coronavirus?

On Saturday, the cast of Saturday Night Live made a parody to Netflix’s popular new reality dating show, Love is Blind, in which couples get engaged before ever actually seeing one another.

In the spoofed version, single hopefuls form relationships in their pods and are quarantined due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

“They have to get to know each other in isolated windowless pods,” a voiceover says. “They all share something in common, not only are they truly desperate to get married, they’re being quarantined because of exposure to the coronavirus.”

John Mulaney‘s character even finds himself strapped to an I.V. and passed out after trying to propose — but that doesn’t deter his fiancée from wanting to be with him.

“You are definitely covered in corona but I’m 34 so yes, yes, yes!” she tells him as the pair are doused with disinfectant.

The Mulaney-hosted episode also made light of the deadly disease in the cold open with the cast impersonating Democratic candidates who interrupt a Mike Pence-led White House news conference about the widespread outbreak.

It opened with the vice president, played by Beck Bennett, speaking about how President Donald Trump‘s administration was planning to tackle the situation.

“We’ve assembled a very experienced team of some of the best people left in government,” he says. “Led by one of the most brilliant minds in medicine, Ben Carson.”

Carson, played by Kenan Thompson, then steps in to suggest that people buy “Make America Great Again” medical masks as a precaution.

“It may take a few months for delivery because they are made in Wuhan, China,” he tells the crowd, which happens to be where the virus originated from.

Then, the Democratic hopefuls take over the conference to discuss their candidacy for the presidency, with Bernie Sanders, played by Larry David, bringing up his universal health care policy. “You gotta admit folks, universal health care doesn’t sound too crazy now, does it?” he says.

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