Katie Price forced to restart residential college hunt for Harvey – as she fears for his safety if he’s ‘too far away’

KATIE Price has been forced to restart her search for residential colleges for disabled son Harvey over fears her current choice is too far away and may not be approved by Covid-hit local authorities.

The star, 42, has applied for her eldest to go to National Star College in Cheltenham, which the pair were seen visiting in her acclaimed BBC documentary Harvey & Me, and is due to find out next month whether she has been successful.

But she's been once again scouring 86 potential colleges across the UK after being forced to consider that she may be unable to intervene in time if there is an incident involving Harvey, who has severe autism, a rare complex genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome and is partially blind.

She also runs the risk of being unable to get government funding to cover the £350,000 that National Star College requires annually to house Harvey, 18, and cater to his complex needs.

Katie, who lives in Sussex, was encouraged to look for alternative options by her friend and autism campaigner Anna Kennedy OBE, who was seen warning her in the documentary about cases of other special needs children who have been taken to mental health units after being deemed a risk to themselves or others.

Asked if Katie is still on the hunt, Anna told The Sun: "She is, she has to.

"She wants to see a few more just to make sure it's the right place for him because this particular one is three hours drive, so it's quite a trek.

"She hadn't even thought about that. She said 'I'll be there, I'll be able to help him', but I said, 'if Harvey's three hours away from you he could already be in the unit by the time you get there.'

"She wants to go and physically see a college… but obviously we can't go anywhere at the minute. She wants to know if there are any more colleges I can think of, but I think I've exhausted all the possibilities now.

"I said to her 'you have to keep her options open' because they could say 'we're not going to fund this placement for Harvey' with the cuts and everything going on in local authorities."

Anna said that Katie is ready to fight for Harvey to get accepted into National Star if it remains the best option.

She said: "At the moment she can't move forward until the local authority says what it's going to fund.

"I said to Katie, 'you need to be prepared that if they don't fund that placement for you, if you really want it, you might have to fight for it, go down tribunal, appeal the decision.' I'll support her in that."

The Sun revealed yesterday that Katie and Anna have discussed launching an autism-only chat show as the former glamour model looks to raise more awareness of disability acceptance.

Last week, Katie signed and supported Anna's petition to help parents secure care for their autistic children after they die.

The petition details how the government is failing to provide "future care plans" for autistic children after their parents have passed away.

The pals have collaborated before, with Harvey posing up for Anna's Give Us A Break! antibullying campaign.

He was also a participant Anna's Autism's Got Talent roadshow in St Ives, Cornwall in 2019, during which he performed Bruce Springsteen's When The Saints Go Marching In on keyboard.

Katie recently revealed Harvey's new home across the road from her own house, where he will learn to live independently before he moves to a residential college in September.

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