Kelly Brook’s boyfriend accidentally crashes her radio show topless as he wanders on camera in nothing but a towel – The Sun

KELLY Brook's boyfriend Jeremy Parisi sent pulses racing as he gatecrashed her Heart FM show topless while she presented live on camera.

The hunky 34-year-old was wearing nothing but a towel when he interrupted the radio segment on Wednesday.

Kelly, 40, presented her Heart London Drive show from the comfort of her home last night, while co-host JK worked from the studio.

During the segment, the pair were interrupted by Italian model Jeremy, who gatecrashed by wandering into the shot in his towel.

As Jeremy came into view, Kelly said: "What are you doing!"

JK laughed: "What you can’t see is Jeremy is literally in a towel."

Kelly said: "Jeremy! I’m actually live on the radio!"

JK added: "Cleaning the windows, get out of here. I don’t want to see anything that sexy in the studio."

The hosts were left in hysterics over the mishap.

Kelly has been forced to work from her dining room amid the coronavirus pandemic – using books to prop up her radio equipment.

The model recently revealed she's dropped from a size 16 to 12 after becoming a SlimFast ambassador in October 2018.

Kelly told Hello! Magazine: "I feel like my old self again.

"I crept up to a size 16. When my jeans started to feel tight I thought they'd shrunk in the wash.

"I definitely didn't feel my healthiest or most beautiful, and I wanted to feel good again."

She started counting calories and hitting the gym to reach her goal weight, adding: "I'm feeling confident in my body and happy with the weight I am at the minute. I like being curvy, I like having boobs and a bum.

"Like most women, I've got cellulite – I don't look in the mirror and think 'I've done SlimFast so now I'm a Victoria's Secret Model'.

"I just look like a normal 40-year-old woman. I look how I should look, it's not something unattainable."

"I'm never going to have the body I had as a 21-year-old swimwear model and neither would I want to be that girl."

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