Kendra Duggar's pastor dad Paul Caldwell ripped for once claiming 'there's no such thing as homosexuals'

KENDRA Duggar's pastor dad Paul Caldwell was ripped for once passing out pamphlets claiming "there's no such thing as homosexuals."

The Instagram account Withoutacrystalball shared a photo of the pamphlet, which questioned if "God loves homosexuals."

According to the post, Paul's pamphlet read: "There are no such things as homosexuals. God created male and female. There are males and females that engage in 'unseemly' acts of immorality (Rom 1:27) men with men and women with women."

The pamphlet continued: "The real question is does God love 'unseemly' men and women? The answer is an overwhelming YES!!!!

"He loves all sinners. In fact, Jesus died for the sins of mankind."

A number of Instagram users took to the comments section to slam the Counting On star's dad, as one person wrote: "How can you claim to love someone and say that they do not exist in the same sentence? Never mind, nothing about these people is logical."

A following person added: "When you take believing your trash opinion is fact too far you get this family."

A third chimed in: "Whew I can't believe people actually think this way. They're warped."

Kendra, 22, is married to Joseph Duggar, 26.

Just three months ago, Kendra gave birth to her third child named Brooklyn.

In addition to the newborn, Kendra and Joseph share 2-year-old son Garrett and one-year-old daughter Addie.

Kendra previously detailed Addie's painful delivery during an August 2020 episode of Counting On.

During the episode, the young mother revealed she was "shocked how painful" the experience was.

Once the pair arrived at the hospital, doctors informed them that Kendra had only dilated four centimeters.

She admitted: "I was kind of discouraged when I found out I was only at a four and I'd been in a lot of pain and laboring."

Meanwhile, Paul and his wife, Christina Caldwell, share nine kids together.

They recently welcomed their youngest child- Moriah Faith- in May.

The resurfacing of Paul's offensive pamphlet comes after Joseph's older brother Josh, 33, was arrested for possession of child pornography.

After being granted bail, the TLC star was restricted travel and cannot leave Benton, Washington, and Madison counties in Arkansas without permission from the court.

Josh has been required to live away from the family since he is not allowed to be around minors.

Josh and wife Anna share six children: Mackynzie, 11, Michael, nine, Maryella, one, Mason, three, Meredith, five, and Marcus, seven.

Additionally, Anna is currently six months pregnant with the couple's seventh child.

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