Leigh Whannell Signs Blumhouse Deal, Teases New Monster Movies

Leigh Whannell, writer and director of this weekend’s number 1 grossing movie The Invisible Man has signed on to produce, direct and write further projects for film and television with Blumhouse, Deadline has reported.

Whannell and Blumhouse have previously collaborated on a number of highly successful horror films including Saw and Insidious, both created with fellow horror great James Wan.

The Invisible Man is the first entry in Blumhouse’s re-reboot of the struggling Universal Monsters franchise. After ambitious plans for a Universal Monsters shared cinematic universe fell through, Blumhouse came in to revive the franchise. Now, Universal’s various monsters will be reinvented through standalone, director-led films like The Invisible Man.

Whannell’s partnership with Blumhouse have led many to speculate that he may be working on more monster movies than just the Invisible Man, speculations he has done little to debunk.

With The Invisible Man heralding a welcome return to true horror for the franchise, it’s no wonder fans would be excited to see more monster movies from Whannell.

A number of named projects are set to follow The Invisible Man in the Universal Monster series, some without directors or writers yet attached. Future projects include both Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein remakes, both still awaiting directors.

Elizabeth Banks is also directing, producing and starring in The Invisible Woman, while Dracula spinoff Renfield is being developed about Dracula’s henchman of the same name.

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