Lisa Vanderpump SUED for 'failing to pay Pump employees' and 'manipulating timecards' before restaurant's tax dispute

LISA Vanderpump has been sued by a Pump staffer for allegedly “failing to pay employees” and “manipulating time cards,” according to a lawsuit obtained by The Sun. 

The latest legal action comes months after a separate class action suit was filed against the reality star, her husband Ken Todd and the various Los Angeles based restaurants the couple owns.  

In October 2020, ex employee Ernest Bennick filed a class action lawsuit against Pump as well as Lisa and Ken individually on behalf of both him and staffers who have endured similar experiences.

The docs state that he worked at the establishment as a server between July 2018 and December 2019. 

According to court papers obtained by The Sun, for “at least” the past four years, Pump has “failed to pay overtime wages” to their workers. 

The documents state that staff were permitted to “work off clock” – including “requiring employees to be on-call” without compensation as the restaurant “failed to pay” for the hours or “paid at improper rates.”

Pump personnel also claim that time records were “manipulated or edited” to “show lesser hours than actually worked during the pay period” – which has allegedly gone on for years.  

The Los Angeles hotspot is also facing accusations of allowing supervisors to receive the tips that were left for the servers – which has allegedly happened for at least four years. 

In addition, the docs state that for at least three years, the restaurant allegedly has not paid employees the full amount of their wages upon termination or resignation. 

Pump is also being accused of not providing staff with the legally required rest or lunch breaks for “at least” the past four years. 

In the state of California, 30 minute lunch breaks and 10 minute rest breaks are required if working more than five hours a shift.

Servers allege that they would typically work “more than 10 hours” without proper breaks. 

On November 23, Lisa and Ken filed a formal response and denied all accusations against them. 

The next hearing was originally scheduled for February 2021 however, it’s been moved to April.

Reps for Lisa did not immediately respond to The Sun's request for comment.

On July 31, Olivia Beverly Hanson filed a lawsuit on behalf of herself and her co-workers at Sur – another West Hollywood restaurant owned by Lisa and Ken. 

Court documents obtained by The Sun allege the couple “failed to pay workers minimum and overtime wages, provide proper meal and rest breaks, provide accurate wage statements or provide workers with pay stubs at the end of their employment.”

The legal papers state that this occurred for at least the past one to four years, while claiming that Olivia was a SUR employee from October 2019 to January 2020. 

Both SUR and Pump are at the center of the reality star's spinoff series, Vanderpump Rules – which has been showing behind-the-scenes drama in the restaurants since 2013.

The latest legal battle comes after Pump has remained closed for months following a tax dispute, according to records obtained by The Sun. 

Despite the restaurant’s West Hollywood neighbors re-opening last year, Pump has remained shut down throughout the pandemic. 

Records obtained by The Sun show Pump is listed as “suspended” from the California Franchise Tax Board.

The site states businesses’ with this standing are due to failure to file tax returns, failure to pay taxes and/or failure to pay penalties/interest.

However, the dispute appears to be resolved as Lisa, 60, and her husband Ken were seen at the grand reopening of the restaurant on St. Patrick’s Day. 

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