Little People's Matt Roloff & girlfriend Caryn Chandler 'will skip town' when his ex Amy marries fiancé Chris on farm

LITTLE People, Big World star Matt Roloff and girlfriend Caryn Chander "will skip town" when his ex Amy marries fiancé Chris Marek on their family farm, a source has exclusively told The Sun.

Despite letting them use the pumpkin farm in Hillsboro, Oregon, Amy has revealed her ex and his new love will not be invited to their big day.

An insider revealed Matt, 59, and Caryn, 53, couldn't be happier about the decision after talking it through with the couple.

The source explained: "They are more than pleased to not be going to the wedding, and plan to go to Arizona for a romantic break where they have a vacation home.

"They got Amy and Chris a little gift to show their appreciation as they're on much better terms, but they're glad they won't be attending, it would be too weird for everyone.

"Matt and Caryn just want them to be able to do their own thing and feel it will be over before they know it.

"Amy and Chris are able to use the farm for free, but they are of course paying for their own wedding."

The insider added that although the couples haven't always seen eye-to-eye they are now "in a good place" for the sake of the children and grandchildren.

The Sun has reached out to TLC for comment, but did not hear back.

Matt and Caryn purchased their Arizona home from her parents in June 2018 for $375,000 following his divorce.


Amy, 58, went on Instagram Live earlier this month with her pal Lisa Dixon and she shared some head-turning news about her August 28 nuptials.

It kicked off when one fan asked the LPBW star: "Will Matt and Caryn be at the wedding?"

To which Amy replied: "No. No, just too much history, and I wouldn't want my ex at the wedding with his longtime girlfriend."

Lisa then interrupted with: "Didn’t Caryn say on the show she wouldn’t even want to go? And I also thought it was interesting that [Caryn] just called herself 'Matt's longtime girlfriend.'"

Back in April, a source exclusively told The Sun Matt and Caryn hadn't received their invites, however, they were expected to attend at that point.


We later revealed they would be hosting the big day at the farm after struggling to find a venue during the Covid-19 pandemic.

An insider said at the time: "Amy and Chris are now planning to have the wedding at the farm, and it will be in three months, things are coming together.

"It was Matt's idea initially and Caryn went along with it because they are trying to keep things cordial between them all.

"The reason Amy didn't want to have it at the farm at first is because of the emotional history there, and she didn't know if everyone was on the same page yet.

"Caryn isn't a huge fan of Amy, she feels they are more acquaintances than friends, but she just wants Matt and the family to be happy and for everyone to move on."

The two women have history, as Amy wrote in her 2019 book, A Little Me, she believed Matt had more than a working relationship with their then farm manager Caryn.

She wrote: "I saw messages, pictures, and other things that should have not been shared between people who just worked together and were still married to other people… I was devastated…"


Fans described the season premiere of the TLC family show as "cringe" as Matt insisted his ex Amy should consider the 110-acre farm as a possible wedding venue.

The foursome were enjoying a rare drink together at Amy and Chris's new home when they were asked about their plans.

Chris chimed in, saying: "Well, you know, it's talking about all these cancellations, it's… it's really about finding a venue first."

"We think you should do it at the farm," Matt shockingly said with a smile. 

However, Amy appeared confused as she scratched her head while Chris simply leaned forward in his chair – both remaining quiet. 

They both seemed surprised and as Chris asked, "Really?" Matt repeatedly insisted they use his farm.

"Absolutely," Caryn agreed. 

Following further awkward silence, Matt added: "I mean that, I mean I didn't just spontaneous, we thought about it, you know. If you want to."

Amy continued to appear upset and responded: "Yeah, well I don’t know about that."

Chris, 55, meanwhile said that he was "very open" to the idea, and the couple are said to have come around after further discussions.

Matt and Amy were married for 27 years, and have four children together: Jeremy and Zach, both 31, Molly, 27, and Jacob, 24.

They also have four grandchildren, Jackson, four, Ember, three, Lilah, one, and Bode, one.

Recently, Jeremy's wife, Audrey, announced they are expecting their third child.

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