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LOCATION, Location, Location viewers were left absolutely livid at last night's episode.

Viewers of the Channel 4 series all had the same complaint about a pair of young house hunters.

House hunters Karen and Richard tried their luck with the programme to find their dream home in the West Midlands.

However, they had a dream budget of over £1.4 million to spend on Location, Location, Location and yet the duo still struggled to find the perfect fit.

It turns out, viewers of the programme did not have much sympathy as Kirstie Allsopp tried to help, especially during a cost of living crisis.

One fan of the programme fumed: "1.4m and you can't find a house."


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"£1.4 million! Good grief," a second shared in disbelief.

A third viewer noted: "I’ll be lucky to afford a bedsit, and here we have people with a 1.4 million budget who look in similar age to me. Even if I was still working as a nurse I’d struggle to afford to buy something on my own."

Meanwhile a fourth quipped: "£1.4 million budget? Nice for some."

A fifth commented: "Couple on #locationlocationlocation (probably in their early 30s?) have a budget of £1.4 million for a house in Sutton Coldfield. If they had that budget for up here, they could get a mansion… I'm curious how people so young can have budgets so large."

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Whilst a sixth noted: "Not feeling much empathy towards couple with £1.4m who can't find a property."

And a seventh said: "Tunes into Location, Location, Location on channel 4. Ah yes, the budget of £1m. 😭."

The property they wanted has five bedrooms and the master has an en-suite bathroom and it's own dressing room.

There's huge repetition rooms on the ground floor which include a dining room with parquet flooring as well as two gardens and a heated swimming pool.

Although the house was being lined up with over 30 viewings, it took a personal letter to the current owners to secure their dream property for £1.3 m.

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