Lorraine fans call Britains strictest headteacher vile and slam terrifying techniques

Lorraine viewers have slammed Britain's strictest headteacher as she appeared on the ITV daytime show on Tuesday.

TV host Lorraine Kelly welcomed Katharine Birbalsingh, headteacher of Michaela Community School, on to her show to discuss her practices, which are also being explored in a new ITV documentary.

Britain's Strictest Headmistress, which is currently available on the ITV Hub, follows Katherine and speaks to some of her pupils about her rules.

However, as she discussed her methods in more detail on Lorraine eponymous programme.

Katharine explained on the show: "I always say that being strict is about being clear and consistent."

She later added: "I say strict is all about love, because when you love them enough you can hold your standards high for them and have them reach those standards instead of feeling slightly awkward about asking them to do the things you know they can do."

Following her appearance, some viewers were left far from impressed with what she had to say.

One Twitter user joked that she was "great promotion for home schooling," and another simply labelled her as "vile" and added: "This woman is terrifying."

Others were worried about children with complex needs after hearing some children were given detention for not making eye contact with teachers.

One person said: "Detention for no eye contact? What about autistic children or ASN (additional support needs) kids?"

And another accused her of being "ableist", saying: "The head teacher on @lorraine is coming across as very ableist. Would she allow neurodivergent kids into her school because I wouldn’t have coped with being made into a robot."

Although, not everyone agreed with Katherine some thought she was a "refreshing" change. One person said it was great children were "aiming high" and she was "teaching respect and discipline".

Another added: "The strict headmistress is fab. It works.

"My son thrived at his primary school where the headmistress was strict. Proof’s in the pudding. Children need boundaries and discipline."

While a third posted: "Finally a Headmistress capable of creating a better future generation."

And another viewer said: "As a 48 year old I wish to god I had gone to that school. Should be more like it today."

Despite the label of "strictest headteacher", Katherine called the nickname "silly" and suggested she can make people better parents by them just watching the documentary.

"Our electrician at school said to me that he watched the film and he said it's made him into a better father," she said.

"You know, he and lots of people have said this to me, where they're, they're changing the ways in which they're doing it stuff in the home with their children, because they look at it and they think you know what, I've probably been a bit too relaxed."

Although her school's academic results are impressive she said the comments from victors about her children's "drive" that motivate her.

She said: "The academic results is what people talk about because it's easy to quantify.

"But actually when you come to our school, we get 600 visitors a year mainly teachers but all kinds of people, will look and say 'my goodness, these kids are so motivated, they're so driven and they're so resilient'.

"That's partly because of the knowledge and skills that we give them but it's also like if you give them a detention for not having their pen, they remember their pen and then they feel really happy about it."

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