Love Island fans slam ‘hypocrites’ Gemma Owen and Luca Bish for flashy ‘official’ announcement after mocking co-stars | The Sun

LOVE Island runner-ups Gemma Owen and Luca Bish have been slammed over their flashy announcement after going official.

Despite mocking their co-stars' grand gestures in the villa, Luca posted a video showing his extravagant "proposal" to Gemma to be his girlfriend.

Luca surprised Michael Owen's daughter, 19, by gifting her a mega-money bracelet after being led down a corridor lined with dozens of rose petals and candles.

Gemma looked overwhelmed as she opened the box in the sun in Portugal with Luca looking on.

The video shows her putting on the Juste Un Clou bracelet, which costs between £2,890 and £10,800 – depending on which one you get.

Stretched out over the swimming pool were balloons that spelled out: "BE MY GIRLFRIEND" in huge red inflatable letters.


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Love Island’s Luca leaves Gemma Owen gasping as he pops question with HUGE gesture

Fans pointed out the irony after Gemma commented on Davide asking Ekin-Su to go exclusive in the villa with a homemade tiramisu.

She said at the time: "We don't need to do something like that for people to know we're exclusive, I prefer it this way."

But she did add: "It's different [when it's boyfriend and girlfriend].

Some viewers claimed Gemma and Luca's comments on the show came out of "jealousy".

One said: "The amount of times they snubbed Ekin-Su and Davide and the other couples in the villa saying, 'WE don’t need to make it a big public thing' yet here they are putting on what looks like an advert for Cartier. Pair of muppets."

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Another added: "Luca and Gemma are the most PR driven couple this far – every single moment captured with a 3rd person and angles pre-determined."

Someone else said: "Luca is out here doing up proposal, but him and Gemma wanted to make a fuss out of Davide making Ekin Su a tiramisu cake when they because exclusive. Everything is so performative with this couple, they look so awkward together."

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Another added: "In the villa, she said Davide was doing too much when he asked Ekin-Su to be his gf lol she’s a hater."

"Gemma and Luca are sooo bitter and jealous of Ekin and Davide ew," added another.

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