Love Island first episode bombshell as Chloe makes waves as late arrival

New Love Island contestant Chloe Burrows made a dramatic impact on her arrival today in the first episode of the new series.

The Islanders are nearing the end of their first day in paradise and this evening they gather at the fire pit for a game of dares.

Toby’s up first and picks out a dare from the box which reads: “One of you must suck the toes of the other for 30 seconds.”

Speaking in the Beach Hut after the dare, Toby said: “I think I got the worst one, but you know what? I’m up for it because it’s all a laugh.” But will his partner be up for it?

Up next is Brad and his dare reads: “You and your partner must snog for 30 seconds.” But who will be locking lips in the first Villa kiss of 2021?

Speaking in the Beach Hut after the kiss, Brad said: “Decent kiss. It went on a bit too long I think.”

It’s soon Sharon’s turn for a dare. Sharon reads: “One of you must suck the other’s earlobe for 30 seconds.”

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Sharon said: “Earlobe sucking is probably not something I do on the first day that I meet someone. Actually, I don’t do that when I first meet someone. It was just a bit weird!”

However, the Islanders game of dares is soon interrupted as Toby receives a text. Toby has received a voice note from Chloe which says: “Hey boys. How are you? Chloe here. I’ve just arrived and I’m outside the front of the Villa. I’d like to take you all on a date but I’ll let you guys decide who wants to come and join me. Hopefully I’ll see you soon.”

The first episode of the highly-anticipated series 7 – which kicks of tonight on ITV2 at 9pm – apparently sees the new Islanders thrown straight into a number of sexy dares which has them getting intimate with their castmates from the very start.

In one jaw-dropping moment, hunky footballer Toby Aromolaran is dared to suck the toes of another contestant for 30 seconds, and he admits he's up for the challenge.

Handsome tradesman Brad McClelland is also dared to snog his partner for 30 seconds, and it looks like he gets to lock lips because he later confesses in the Beach Hut that it was a "decent kiss" but it went on a bit too long.

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Chloe told earlier this week in an interview that a ghost is haunting her family.

They are convinced the spirit is a late relative visiting from beyond the grave.

Marketing executive Chloe, 25, is yet to see the ghost for herself, but she has been told about sightings by her uncle.

She said: "My uncle was really young when it happened – it was when he was aged about 10, so he wasn’t old enough to be drunk or anything.

"He woke up in the middle of the night and he saw a man walking around the house.

"This happened a couple of times. Then he told his mum and he described the man and she knew who he meant. And she showed him a picture and he recognised him.

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