Love Island winner Kem Cetinay says 'I shouldn't have had so much sex in the villa'

LOVE Island winner Kem Cetinay says he regrets having so much sex in the villa after becoming a business owner.

The star won the third series of the ITV show, alongside his then-girlfriend Amber Davies.

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In an interview with The Sun’s TV Mag, Kem, 25, revealed that if there was one thing he would do differently if he had his time in the villa again, it would be to have less sex.

Kem explained: "Now I’ve got a business and I’ve got staff, and if new recruits search for me, some of the first articles that come up will be about me having sex on TV.

"But you’ve got to remember, I was 21! I wasn’t who I am now. So I don’t feel embarrassed about it because it is what it is, it happened."

The TV star continued: "Maybe I shouldn’t have had as much sex as I did – maybe once or twice would have been enough. Not as regular! But I loved the whole experience.

"I’m very grateful how it went for me because I had a great group of friends in there. I was stuck in from the get-go. I have nothing but amazing memories from Love Island."

Kem, who was catapulted into the limelight after winning the show, said he had " no idea what was going to happen when I came out of Love Island."

"I thought I might get a little bit of money to buy these trainers I really wanted. I thought I was just going to go back to cutting hair," he said.

"But my whole life changed. It was mental."

This year Kem co-hosts both the Love Island Morning After podcast and vodcast with Arielle Free, and he knows exactly what this year’s crop of chiselled singletons will be going through right now.

The former ITV contestant said: "The show is very different now – it’s so much bigger and everything needs to be under wraps – but I knew I was going to be on about three months before it started.

"It gave me a chance to quit my job. I was training – it was like a full-time boot camp – and I bought a whole new wardrobe!"

Once the new islanders are in the villa, Kem says they have to get used to a new normal which involves talking to cameras all day, no music and very little alcohol.

The TV host said: "They limit your drink, which makes sense because they don’t want everyone drunk."

"People are making decisions and voting people out, so you don’t want them saying stuff because of booze and then the next day waking up going: ‘No!’ It ruins the whole point of the show."

And Kem’s advice to this year’s batch of islanders? It’s simple: "Don’t go in with expectations or a plan of something happening to you when you come out."

"The time in the villa is the best bit of the whole experience they will have. It becomes a job afterwards, and the more they enjoy the villa, the better it will be when they leave.

"When you are in the villa, there is no boredom, but you have got time to think.

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"You’ve got no phone, you’ve not spoken to anyone for weeks, and you basically ask yourself questions – what are my family thinking? What are my friends thinking? I wonder how the dog is? You start second-guessing.

"I was always wondering if my mum and dad were happy, had I done anything to upset them?

"But I always say to islanders that whatever happens in there, your family and friends will never be unhappy because they know how it is. It’s not a talent show. It’s not a singing competition.

"You’re just being yourself. And as long as you are being yourself, nobody is going to get the hump with you."

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