Love Islands Faye Winter red-faced as she lets slip a**hole sex confession

Love Island babe Faye Winter has already captivated viewers with her intro video as the babe announced the kind of man she's looking for.

ITV released the newbies' videos and by the sounds of it, Faye suggested she is looking for some X-rated flings…

Completely unfiltered, Faye declared: "The type of person I'm looking for is somebody who can literally rip me a new a**hole."

Immediately realising what she said, Faye laughed before adding: "Not like that! Not like that! Oh my god."

The lettings manager also shared her love of "cougarville" adding that her experience was great, before she told viewers that she is a "fantastic girlfriend".

Blowing her own trumpet, Faye also let slip that she's "great in bed".

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Already fans seem to be loving Faye and her bubbly personality, with many flocking to her page to say she's their favourite girl already.

Faye has admitted to looking for a man that will put in her in her place but still make her laugh.

She's after a hunk who is 6ft tall and playful, because she's admitted she's likely to make a mockery of her new man, but puts that down to her "really terrible flirting skills".

The blonde beauty already oozes thrill and she's not stepped foot into the villa yet, but with her sensational Instagram snaps, it's clear she may be a favourite even once she comes out.

Faye has big plans for her future post-Love Island, admitting that she's hoping to open her own estate agency or her own charity shop – it doesn't look like brand deals have crossed her mind just yet.

In the near-future though, the singleton is just looking to find herself a new man in the sun.

She will be joining her fellow castmates in the villa in mere days – but it remains to be seen which pairs will choose to couple up.

Love Island will be returning after a prolonged hiatus following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The show was last on our screens for the winter series in January 2020, but will be returning this year, a few weeks behind schedule, for their summer show.

Love Island starts at 9pm Monday 28th June on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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