Love Islands Luca calls out Gemma as she worries about feeling trapped and married off

Love Island's tattooed hunk Luca Bish called out Gemma Owen after she said she was worried about feeling "trapped" and "married off" in their comfortable partnership in the villa.

The 24 year old fishmonger asked the international dressage champion if the reason she was feeling that way was actually due to not receiving attention from new boys Jay Younger and Remi Lambert when they entered the reality dating show earlier in the week.

Caught off-guard by Luca's frankness, Gemma, 19, admitted she'd been "very quiet" and even "screwed" herself over with the possibility of getting to know other boys as she was so happy with her partner.

The awkward conversation unfolded while Turkish actress Ekin-Su, 27, was dealing with her own secret rendezvous and drama between 27 year old Davide Sanclimenti and Scottish investment banker Jay, 28.

Chatting to Luca outside in the sunshine, Gemma began carefully: "I've seen a different side to you, which I do like, but I don't want to feel like trapped, and that's us two married off now and that's it."

"Why are we married off?" Luca shot back. "Because two boys have come in and not given you attention?"

Seemingly taken-aback by the blunt remark, Gemma attempted to clarify: "No it's got nothing to do with the other boys, why would you think it's got something to do with the other boys?"

"I think you think in your head, this is me assuming, that they've seen we're strong and thought 'nah'," Luca continued.

"I think when they first came in I was very quiet, and when I did open my mouth it was like 'well I'm happy with how things are going with Luca," Gemma said. "'I'm happy with Luca and blah blah blah'.

"Maybe I've screwed myself over there a little bit, to the point where they feel like they can't even have a conversation with me in a friendly way."

"They will have a conversation with you," Luca insisted, as he seemed put-out by Gemma's attempt to pull away from their budding relationship.

While the pair are still only getting to know each other, after the initial drama of Gemma's ex Jacques O'Neill coming into the villa, things have become settled once more.

Luca and Gemma spend a lot of time together and are often spotted cuddling and kissing in bed.

After Gemma attempted to explain she just wanted Luca to know where her "head was at," the fishmonger finally agreed.

"We'll see how it goes but I'll never make you feel claustrophobic," the islander assured her.

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV HUB

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