'LPBW' Star Amy Roloff Said Matt Roloff Still Has This 1 Bad Habit: 'Not Much Has Changed in 30 Years'

So far on season 21 of Little People, Big World, Matt and Amy Roloff can’t seem to agree on how to deal with Roloff Farms. Amy is in the process of moving off the farm property and into her new place. But Matt wants Amy to move at a quicker pace, which is causing major tension.

During episode 3 of the reason, Amy mentioned an aspect of Matt hasn’t changed one bit in the decades they’ve known each other. Here’s what she said.

Matt and Amy Roloff had a serious disagreement over Roloff Farms on ‘Little People, Big World’

Matt and Amy have been divorced for years, and Amy’s finally working on moving off of Roloff Farms on the current season of LPBW. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been an easy road. While Amy is taking her time moving off the farm due to her sentimental attachment to the place, Matt wants her to move quickly so he can decide what to do with her half of the property once she sells it to him.

On Season 21 Episode 3, the ex-couple’s disagreements came to a head. Amy wasn’t happy when she saw Matt was already hiring contractors to work on the farmhouse before she was finished moving out.

“If I still own this property, all you have to do is say, ‘Hey, if you happen to stop by the farm, you might see this, this, in person show up today.’ That’s it,” Amy scolded Matt. And Matt said it was too difficult to keep Amy completely in the loop, causing more drama.

Amy said ‘Matt often makes decisions on his own’ — and that hasn’t changed a bit in 30 years

While Matt and Amy disagreed heavily on Roloff Farms, it seems Matt’s behavior reminded Amy of her marriage that is now over. Amy explained that Matt ‘makes decisions’ without consulting her — and it seems this is a pattern of behavior with him.

Matt first explained to the cameras that keeping Amy in the loop regarding every little thing on the farm is impossible. “She wants to run all those things by her, and honestly, I’m not willing to do that,” Matt told the crew. “That would triple the amount of communication.”

This ultimately resulted in Amy calling Matt “pushy” and telling him all he has to do is “inform,” which shouldn’t be that hard.

“Matt often makes decisions on his own without really checking in and seeing what I think,” Amy told the cameras. “Yeah, it bothers me. But I’ve gotten used to it. I don’t think much has changed in 30 years.”

Zach Roloff said Matt and Amy are ‘dealing with’ Roloff Farms despite the fights

While Matt and Amy look like they can’t agree on the show, Zach Roloff reassured fans a few months back that his parents are actually figuring everything out.

“They’re getting along fine. They’re just trying to figure out the farm deal,” Zach told Us Weekly in April 2020. “My mom’s transitioning off and everything, and you’ll see that in the upcoming season. It’s an ongoing discussion for them, but I think they’re dealing with it as best they can, being a divorced couple but also business partners still. … It’s not like they can’t be in the same room together.”

So, are Matt and Amy blowing up their farm drama for viewers? It certainly seems authentic on the show. We’re just glad they seem to be out of each other’s hair now!

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