Mama June’s daughters Alana and Pumpkin flee their home after troubled star warns she ‘owes the wrong people money’ – The Sun

MAMA June’s daughter’s Alana and Pumpkin fled their Georgia home after the troubled star warned them that she owes the "wrong people money" on this week’s Mama June: From Not to Hot: Family Crisis.

On the episode, family friend Big Mike revealed to June “Mama June” Shannon’s sister Doe Doe that she is “in real trouble.”

He told Doe Doe: "She owes the wrong people a lot of f**king money. Back in the day, I ran with some, with the wrong crowd and the wrong people. I know some of these guys they’re f**king with and they’re gonna get ‘em. I’m telling you. You best God damn pay up.

“I’ve been shot twice, stabbed seven times and had my a** whooped with a ball bat. This some serious s**t. This ain’t no make believe. It’s for real. They’ll figure out a way to make her pay.”

Doe Doe then realized June, 40, sold all of her and her family’s belongings in her Georgia home because she owed money.

Doe Doe said: “I can’t believe Geno is actually putting her life in danger. We’ve been worried over the past several months that June could overdose and end up dead. But now we gotta worry that someone is going to come and take her out.

“Please do whatever you got to do to pay these people off.”

Throughout the episode, Pumpkin, 20, and her husband, Josh Efird, noticed a mysterious truck parked outside their home.

After Pumpkin and Josh’s daughter Ella, 2, won a beauty pageant, she received a text message from her troubled mother.

Pumpkin said: “Mama texted me telling me some guys may be after us cause she owes people money. I never thought they would come after us. The car outside our apartment, is that the people you owed money to? I’d rather be safe and sorry and get the f**k out of here.”

Pumpkin, Josh, Alana and baby Ella rushed home to pack their belongings and escape to a hotel.

Pumpkin said in her confessional: “This is overwhelming and I’m f**king pissed. Once things are going smoothly you have to come in and f**k it up for us. You’re putting our life in danger and ruining everything we’ve got going on.”

On recent episodes of Mama June: From Not to Hot Family Crisis, June returned to Georgia and reached out to producers to go to rehab months after she and Geno were arrested for possession of a controlled substance – crack cocaine – and possession of drug paraphernalia – a crack pipe – in March 2019.

On the episode, June and Geno missed their court hearing.

Their attorney entered a not guilty plea on their behalf.

Instead of going to rehab, June sold all of her and her family's belongings in the home for fast cash.

Mama June’s youngest daughter, Honey Boo Boo, is staying with older sister, Pumpkin, whose real name is Lauryn, and her husband and daughter.

June is currently in Florida with Geno, where she has been promoting her Cameo page and is charging fans $45 for personalized video messages.

She’s also promoting Payphone, where she is charging $15 per message, $30 for a 30 minute phone call and $50 for a video message.

The family’s therapist, Dr. Ish Major, exclusively revealed to The Sun the family is “rebuilding trust” with Mama June and are “in communication" today.

Mama June: Family Crisis airs Fridays at 9/8c on WE tv.

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