Maryland boss pays tribute to blessing Suranne Jones

Vigil: Suranne Jones stars in trailer for BBC drama series

As well as starring in the three-part family drama, Suranne Jones also co-created it with screenwriter Anne-Marie O’Connor.

Maryland follows sisters Becca (played by Suranne Jones) and Rosaline (Eve Best), who have become distant as their lives took very different paths.

A tragic incident forces them together and they learn have to love and respect each other again as they find out the truth about the mother they thought they knew.

The sisters arrive in a place they have never visited and with no idea why their mother was there when she died, but they begin to unravel the long-held secrets of a woman they thought they didn’t know a lot about whilst keeping their own secrets from each other.

Director and former EastEnders actress Sue Tully paid tribute to Suranne as she talked about the upcoming ITV programme to and other press.

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Talking about what drew her to the story, she continued: “What struck me was how relatable it was, even though this family does go through and find out some very extraordinary things, one thing that drew me to it was there’s always certain types or roles we fall into in families and they’re not questioned or challenged, it’s only under extreme circumstances they are.”

Suranne’s character is the younger of the two sisters, and unlike Rosaline, Becca didn’t venture far from home and chose to stay close to her mother to raise her children.

Rosaline, on the other hand, is a career-focused high-flyer.

Suranne explained her casting as Becca had surprised some who assumed she’d be taking on the role of the older sister.

“I guess I had the choice of either [sister] at the beginning,” she explained.

“And most people thought I’d play Rosaline. But for me, I guess with Vigil and Gentleman Jack, I’ve done a lot of shows where I’ve been leading and I’ve been very front footed and I felt like I wanted to play a younger sister.

“I wanted to play someone who was kind of dragged along or felt stuck rather than all clued up and ran the show.”

Maryland starts at 9pm on Monday, May 22 on ITV.

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