Money Heist: Who was narrating La Casa De Papel before Tokyo?

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Warning: This story contains spoilers for Money Heist season five.

Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel, fans are preparing themselves for the final episodes of the last season to drop, set to premiere on Netflix on December 3. Since the beginning of the show, Tokyo (played by Ursula Corbero) has always narrated events, giving fans her usual acerbic point of view on the situation. However, she was not the first choice to do so.

Who was supposed to narrate Money Heist before Tokyo?

Back when Money Heist first aired on Spanish channel Antena 3, Tokyo was the one constant fans could rely on.

But perhaps they shouldn’t, as Tokyo has always been the unreliable narrator the series, unafraid to voice her own opinions on proceedings.

Over the course of the five seasons of the show, through the transition to Netflix, Tokyo has been a fan-favourite character.

She is arguably the protagonist of the series and the heart of the show of viewers, but this was not always going to be the case.

In fact, the showrunners on the series came up with Tokyo as an afterthought, with The Professor (Alvaro Morte) or Moscow (Paco Tous) originally considered to be the protagonists.

This was back when the series was in very early development and the writers were still forming the characters and intentions. 

Moscow died back in the second season of the series, which would have led to a change in narrator if he was chosen.

The Professor on the other hand is a very cold and clinical character, with Tokyo’s personality better reflecting the content of the show.

Who will be the narrator in season five volume two?

As fans will know, Tokyo was killed at the end of season five volume one, sacrificing herself to save the lives of her friends, and devastating viewers.

The final episodes of the show will be very different without the classic narrator and leader.

Currently, nothing has been revealed about the future narrator of the show, with fans left wondering who will replace her.

Originally, many viewers believed Tokyo would be the only survivor of the heists, since she is the narrator, but this no longer looks to be the case.

Any of the other team members could take over as the narrator of the show, potentially bringing the writers full circle by choosing The Professor.

Other possibilities include Lisbon (Itziar Ituño), Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Moscow (Paco Tous), Rio (Miguel Herrán), and Helsinki (Darko Perić).

Yet, there is always the chance Tokyo could still narrate the show posthumously, while it may seem strange, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

For now, fans will have to wait and see who takes over as the voice of the show, but in the meantime, it is anyone’s guess. 

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Tokyo’s death, with many of them shocked to see the character leave the series.

@FlemingsVanaya: “I’m so done with Money Heist, Tokyo.”

“Tokyo’s death in Money Heist still doesn’t sit right with me,” @faithameerah added.

@missnakiaa commented: “Finished Money Heist. They ain’t have to do my girl Tokyo like that.”

Money Heist season five volume two will premiere on December 2 exclusively on Netflix.

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