‘More tears!’ A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton stunned as buyer breaks down crying

A Place In The Sun: Woman in tears at dream home

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A Place In The Sun took a trip to Spain’s Costa del Sol for Monday’s episode of the Channel 4 property show. Host Laura Hamilton guided Cardiff based couple, Susan and Ainsley, around the area in a bid to find their dream holiday home. With a maximum budget of £200,000, Laura set up five property viewings for the house hunters. The search didn’t get off to the best start, but when they reached the third property, Susan was overcome with emotion.

Susan and Ainsley told Laura they’d like to find a holiday home with two or three bedrooms and a communal pool.

They also noted that location was an important factor for them as they wanted to be close to a beach and shops.

“Pushing to a three-bed will be a stretch,” Laura confessed, suggesting the couple may need to compromise.

The property expert first took the couple to a two-bedroom apartment that was on the market for just over £152,500.

However, Susan and Ainsley made it clear they weren’t keen, insisting the property wasn’t modern enough.

“It’s a bit more rustic than we would like,” Susan remarked.

Ainsley agreed: “Not sure about the terracotta finish.”

As a result, Laura swiftly moved onto the second property, a two-bedroom townhouse.

A Place In The Sun: Laura says couple have ‘fight on their hands’

The property was on the market for just under £172,500 and Laura confessed she was interested in it herself.

Looking at the townhouse from outside, Susan said: “I quite like it because it’s quite private and secluded.

“I prefer this one already without even looking inside,” she added.

“You might have a fight on your hands inside with this one – I like it as well,” Laura remarked.

However, it was at the third property viewing that Laura got a surprise when Susan broke down in tears.

The two-bedroom apartment was on the market for £181,000 and boasted underground parking and two communal pools.

As she walked into the property and saw the open plan living area, Susan was overcome with emotions.

“Wow. Oh, I’m nearly crying,” she confessed.

Amazed by Susan’s instant reaction, Laura replied: “Oh, really?”

“It’s just gorgeous,” Susan commented, with Ainsley agreeing: “Yes, it’s lovely.”

Susan admitted: “This is kind of exactly what we were looking for.”

Keen to know more about Susan’s feelings towards the holiday home, Laura asked: “As you walked through it really made you emotional, how come?”

Susan replied: “I don’t know. It’s just, you look through and you can see the swimming pool as you were walking through.

“It’s a nice space, it’s nice and homely, it’s lovely. Oh my gosh, I am crying. Sorry,” she said.

“This is everything I thought of,” Susan added.

“Maybe there’ll be more tears!” Laura remarked as she encouraged the couple to look around the rest of the property.

Laura took Susan and Ainsley to see two more properties, but their hearts were already set on the third one they’d seen.

As the programme came to an end, Susan and Ainsley put in an offer of £175,000 for property three and it was swiftly accepted.

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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