Mother and son duo Jo and Sam are early favourites in Race Across the World

Race Across the World season two is finally here – and fans have been delightedly discussing Sunday night’s episode on social media – with many already saying that they want the mother and son team to win the series! The show, which was a huge hit for BBC in 2019, sees different teams compete to make it to their destination without taking any flights or without the help of smart phones.

Sam and Jo are early favourites

While season one saw the teams race from London to Singapore, this series the contestants must travel from Mexico City to their final destination in Ushuaia, Argentina. Jo and her son Sam soon became firm fan favourites, particularly as they were the first to arrival at the initial checkpoint.

The teams are travelling from Mexico to Argentina

Viewers were quick to discuss the episode on Twitter, with one writing: “Enjoyed that. I’m rooting for the mum and son team. The woman who hasn’t stopped moaning is getting on my nerves! I don’t know how long in advance they knew they were going to Mexico, but you think they would at least have learnt some basic Spanish,” while another added: “Brilliant show, so glad to see #RaceAcrossTheWorld back on TV. Rooting for Mum & son Jo and Sam, what a lovely relationship they have. And I’m in awe of Jo, type 1 diabetic… but still kicking ass! 50 is the new 30.”

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Producer Lucy Curtis revealed that two members of the production team complete the entire journey ahead of filming to confirm that it is actually doable, and she opened up about the experience, telling the Telegraph: “We want to test how long it would take if you were someone who goes into it blind. They are a bit stir crazy at times, stuck on boats and buses and trains for days on end, but it’s an amazing job.”

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