Neighbours’ three death victims ‘exposed’ as evil Finn Kelly turns killer

Neighbours viewers will soon see three beloved characters killed off as Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) turns evil when his memory finally returns.

Neighbours spoilers have revealed that Finn will go on a rampage as he starts to remember who has wronged him in the past, and no one is safe.

Fans are desperate to find out who the three characters who will meet their maker are going to be, as a number of characters are set to leave the show.

Coral has shared exclusive odds with Daily Star Online with stats on who is the most likely to die this month, and it looks like one of the characters most in danger is Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor).

Mark has already left the soap once, but returned to help sort out the gun ring in Erinsborough.

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He has since sparked romance with Paige Smith, who also recently returned, and the pair look set to finally reunite after a rocky relationship after the years.

But with high odds of 10/11 to be killed off, could Mark and Paige be tragically ripped apart once again as he dies?

Another person who has high odds of leaving in a body bag is Mark's ex Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta), who has odds of 6/4 to exit.

Jodi has confirmed she is leaving the soap after three years in order to move back to Sydney, and she has hinted her exit is going to be very dramatic.

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She told the Herald Sun: ""I don't have any say in the way I exit the show, but I'm very, very happy with my exit.

"It will be next-level brutal. I can't believe I get to do this on television."

She is also central to Finn's anguish at the moment as he has discovered he still has feelings for her, despite being in a relationship with her sister Bea.

Could Finn kill Elly as she tells him she doesn't have feelings for her?

Lastly, the other character who looks set to die is Finn himself, as he finally stops terrorising Erinsborough once and for all.

As he looks set to commit several murders, could the soap finally kill him off as he hits breaking point?

Coral has given odds of 2/1 for the villain, who has wreaked havoc on those around him since 2017, to be killed off in a seriously tense finale.

Will someone fight back against violent Finn and end him once and for all?

Neighbours continues on Monday at 1.45pm on Channel 5.

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