Never heard that before!’ A Place In The Sun host taken aback by couples bizarre request

A Place in the Sun: Ben says the guests are 'tough cookies'

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Channel 4 viewers got another chance to see Ben Hillman help some Ibiza house hunters on Wednesday. The repeat episode of A Place in the Sun followed Tracey and Iain as they searched for their dream holiday home on the Spanish island of Ibiza. Armed with a budget of £275,000 property expert Ben guided the couple around a number of apartments, however, he was taken aback when they made an unusual request.

Tracey and Iain were hoping to find themselves a holiday property but made it clear they wouldn’t be the only ones using it.

They wanted a property that would suit three different generations from their family, as they hoped it could intermittently be used by their parents and children as well as themselves.

This meant Ben had a challenge on his hands as the holiday home would have to suit the needs of even more people.

Tracey and Iain stated that they were hoping to find an apartment with a minimum of two bedrooms, with some outdoor space.

However, the couple also highlighted that the location was very important as their parents didn’t drive abroad and so would need shops within walking distance.

Undeterred by the tricky task of finding a property that would suit everyone’s needs, Ben took Tracey and Iain off to the first viewing.

The first property was an apartment that came in below budget at just over £238,000.

The holiday home boasted two bedrooms and a terrace with a stunning view, but the couple pointed out that it wasn’t quite perfect.

“On paper, it ticks a lot of boxes,” Tracey confessed, with Iain agreeing: “Everything we asked for is there – the bedrooms, the bathroom.

“But, there’s a price to pay for the spectacular view. We are up a mountain, it’s not easy to get to on foot.

“But, also within the site itself a lot of the stairs are very very steep and these are things we can’t change,” Iain added.

Tracey commented: “We need to take this property, without the steps, down the hill.”

Slightly taken aback by Tracey and Iain’s comments, Ben said: “So in effect, you want to lower your horizon.”

“That’s right,” Iain said, with Tracey agreeing: “That’s what we want to do.”

“Never heard that before!” Ben exclaimed.

But, Iain chimed in making another request: “I still want the view though, so you’ll have to work your magic there.”

“Of course you do,” Ben replied, before referring to the house hunters as “tough cookies”.

Ben went on to guide Tracey and Iain around a further four properties in Ibiza but didn’t quite manage to find them the perfect fit.

After viewing all five of the properties Ben had picked out, the couple explained that the presenter had helped them find the perfect area but they were still looking for their dream holiday home.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 4pm.

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