Only Fools and Horses quiz questions and answers: 15 questions for your home pub quiz

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Only Fools and Horses was a long-running comedy which first aired on BBC One, and the episodes are repeated on the comedy channel Gold. The hilarious series is set in south-east London and is features David Jason as the iconic market trader Derek “Del Boy” Trotter, following his endless attempts to become a millionaire. Nicholas Lyndhurst stars as Del Boy’s younger brother Rodney, with Lennard Pearce playing their grandad Edward Kitchener.

Only Fools and Horses quiz questions

1) In which London district is the series set?

2) What is the name of the theme song at the end of each episode?

3) What was the name of the spin-off series which ran from 2005 to 2009?

4) What was the name of Del Boy and Rodney’s mother who died?

5) What type of car is Del Boy’s iconic yellow vehicle?


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6) What was the name of the company Cassandra’s dad hired Rodney to work at?

7) What did Grandad tell Del he was given by a Scottish soldier during the Second World War?

8) How much did Grandad pay for the canary at the pet shop, which lead to him conning Del Boy out of £5?

9) In what year did ‘Grandad’ actor Lennard Pearce die?

10) In what year did the prequel series Rock and Chips launch?

11) What item makes the Trotter family millionaires?

12) Which actor who stars in the series was originally considered to play Del Boy?

13) In what year did the Only Fools and Horses musical launch?

14) What is the name of Grandad’s long-lost brother who was added to the cast after Lennard Pearce died?

15) What words are painted on the side of Del Boy’s car?

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Only Fools and Horses quiz answers

1) Peckham

2) Hooky Street

3) The Green Green Grass

4) Joan

5) Reliant Regal


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6) Parry Print Ltd

7) A double-headed coin

8) £45

9) 1984

10) 2010

11) A pocket watch

12) Jim Broadbent

13) 2019

14) Uncle Albert

15) Trotters Independent Trading Co – New York – Paris – Peckham

Only Fools and Horses is available to watch on Netflix now

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