Ozark star reveals challenges of brutal season three water torture scenes before shock character death twist – The Sun

OZARK actress Janet McTeer has spoken about filming her character Helen Pierce's brutal water torture scenes.

The star described the experience as "challenging" and "not fun".

Season three of the Netflix series saw a shift in power for the cartel lawyer played by Janet, which led to the hard-hitting scenes where her faithfulness to the cartel is tested.

"It’s not something I do on a daily basis," joked Janet.

She told Gold Derby: "It was kind of challenging to shoot it. It’s not fun to be tortured but it was incredibly well-handled."

But at the same time Janet admitted: "Those scenes are challenging, which makes them fun to do.

"I was a bit tired and wet by the end of it."

Ironically, in season two, Helen is herself seen waterboarding Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) to ascertain whether she has passed on information to the FBI.

Viewers go on to watch Helen's spectacular fall from grace when she is then taken out in season three.

And while her death may have been a surprise to fans, Janet knew it was coming.

She explained: "I knew that one of the themes of the series is families and how they all deal with being members of the drug cartel or working for the drug cartel.

"Obviously you have the Byrde family and then you have Julia Garner’s character’s family, you have Darlene’s family."

Janet went on: "So to bring Helen’s family into it and to see what that would and how that would be to add that to the mix, that I knew was going to happen and I knew that myself and Wendy were going to become business partners and friends and what that would be and of course she’s such a magnificent actress and a friend.

"How could that not be really good fun to do? It was a no-brainer, really. I had a wonderful time."

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