Paul Rudd's Best MCU Moment as Ant-Man is Also the Most Heartbreaking

The wide emotional response to everyone returning to life in the post-snap time of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still largely unexplored. While everyone saw a few brief glimpses of how it affected people, many fans still want a movie or show devoted to the events before or following this epic resurrection.

One of those brought back after the snap was Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man (Paul Rudd).

When he was dusted, he left behind his wife, Maggie (Judy Greer), and a young daughter, Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson). However, when he suddenly returned, there was one emotional scene that took MCU fans by surprise.

Considering both Ant-Man movies are the lightest of the entire franchise, having Rudd get serious when returning home after death was more powerful than expected.

A look back at Scott Lang’s family life

Before Lang found himself in trouble with the law, he was close with his own family. He married Maggie Lang, despite her knowing he already had a criminal past. She made him promise he would put all crime behind him when they married, something he reneged on.

When Lang was sentenced to prison for his criminal activities at Vistacorp, Maggie divorced him. By this time, though, Cassie was already born. Knowing her dad was going to prison for several years was not easy on her by any means, including when he was finally released.

Yes, that famous scene where he first reunited with his family was an uncomfortable one. Maggie had married Jim Paxton (Bobby Cannavale) at this point, making the situation all the more awkward, not including Scott’s house arrest.

After the famous confrontation with Yellowjacket in Maggie’s house, Scott was finally welcomed into the fray again after saving Cassie.

Maggie and Cassie thought Scott Lang was gone forever

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During The Snap in Infinity War, Scott Lang became a different victim of sorts by being stuck in the Quantum Realm for five years. His former wife and daughter were also ultimately spared in the snap. Since they had all become close again, it was a major gut-punch thinking Scott was dusted.

It seemed their story was over, until arriving to the time of Endgame. The look and feel of the two Ant-Man movies provided some needed comedy relief thanks to Paul Rudd managing to make it so accessible in a superhero universe. Yet, coming back to life could never be taken lightly.

This is what makes the MCU so interesting in balancing the world of sometimes snarky comedy with soul-crushing drama. Once it comes to dealing with life and death, Marvel definitely takes it seriously, if making a mistake in death becoming so relative.

The scene of Scott reuniting with Maggie and a grown Cassie (then played by Emma Fuhrmann) became recently celebrated all over again on Reddit.

The chance for Paul Rudd to show off a wider acting range

As fans noted on the above Reddit thread, Paul Rudd arguably created one of his most compelling movie scenes. Of note was Scott seeing Cassie five years older and now a teenager.

His combined look of shock, confusion, and sadness in not being around to see her grow was beautifully played by Rudd. A family man himself in real life, he likely tapped into what it would really be like facing your family after being dead five years.

Yes, Rudd has a real daughter (plus a son), allowing him to do that “what-if” scenario a little easier. For fans, this was an example of how deep and emotional the MCU could become at unexpected moments.

With a second Ant-Man sequel on the horizon, it might be almost impossible to top this gem scene. Also, it would take a considerable pivot to go back to the comedy vibe the other films offered. Only Rudd could walk such a tightrope.

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