Piers Morgan blasts MPs ‘not following own coronavirus advice’ and ‘adding risk’

Piers Morgan shared his lack of understanding for huge gatherings to continue in parliament, or anywhere, amid the coronavirus outbreak in the United Kingdom.

Six deaths have now been confirmed from the virus, Covid-19, with over 300 people testing positive so far – while this is expected to increase drastically.

There's fears the UK will match Italy in cases and potentially deaths in the coming days or weeks, with many calling for urgent action on tackling the virus.

Health Minister Nadine Dorries has now tested positive for the virus, and has been in contact with a number of people in the past week – also having been in parliament.

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With another huge meeting planned today in the House of Commons for the budget, Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth commented on Good Morning Britain that it would be going ahead.

Following medical advice from experts, MPs who have come into contact with Nadine or parliament but are not showing symptoms have been told they are fine to continue as normal.

But GMB host Piers Morgan hit out at this today, calling out all mass gatherings given how contagious the virus is.

His co-host Susanna Reid had asked whether it was "healthy" for the budget to go ahead given someone with the infection had been in the very building days ago, with it set to be very crowded today with around 650 MPs.

He told her on the show: "We're being guided by the science. As we understand it, if you have symptoms and have been in touch with Nadine or anyone else with coronavirus, you should immediately get in touch with 111, self-isolate.

"If you don't have symptoms, as we understand it at the moment the science and medical advice is you won't be carrying it or won't have it necessarily or won't be passing it on to other people."

But Piers wasn't convinced by the advice, not sure why the budget meeting was even going ahead given recent news.

He hit back: "Why aren't you practising what you preach you guys?

"You've got someone right in your midst who has tested positive for coronavirus, you're all gonna be swarming against each other today for the budget packed in like sardines. There's not enough seats in the House of Commons to fit you all.

"You then go out and meet a load of constituents… how does any of this make sense when one of your people another MP has tested positive for this virus?"

As Jonathan repeated the scientific advice he and others had been given by professionals, Piers interrupted: "Why aren't you guided by common sense, with respect?"

He added: "Some people don't show symptoms for days on end, some don't at all."

Piers went on: "I come back to common sense… everyone is hiding behind what science tells us, but it's common sense, how do you know which other MPs Nadine has met in the past few days?

"She met with Boris Johnson , he then met the royal family, she's been at the House of Commons for the past week, none of you know do you?

"You're all gonna be packed in there today, why?"

Piers also talked of the "added risk" MPs continuing to attend huge gatherings could have.

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