Pregnant BBC presenter forced off air as shes heckled by man on live TV

A pregnant BBC Breakfast reporter has thanked viewers for messages of support after being heckled off-air by a passer-by during this morning's show.

Nina Warhurst, who was filming a live report in Salford Quays to cover the rise in ice cream prices, was forced to hand the segment over to a colleague after a man walked into shot and began loudly ranting about the BBC on-camera.

The pregnant journalist began the segment this morning by speaking about food inflation being up to 17.3 per cent, before saying: "Excuse us for one moment," as a heckler walked into shot.

As the unknown man began shouting about the BBC, the license fee and what it's done for "the people of this country", Nina tried to walk away from him before telling hosts Sally Nugent and Jon Kay: "What we're going to do is go to our colleague Elen Davies.

"She's been in Lampeter in Wales talking about not only how prices are going up but how there's a reduction in the choice of food."

Back in the studio, Jon joked about the situation, saying: "There is a lot of demand for an ice cream this morning," while Sally added: "Do you know what don't mess with our Nina. That's all I'm going to say."Nina is not alone, she has company with her. She will be absolutely fine."

Nina took to Twitter shortly after the ordeal, thanking viewers for their concern.

"Thanks for the messages you lovely lot," she tweeted. "I am fine. Just gutted I didn't have time for an ice cream."

Many viewers praised Nina for her professionalism during the heckling, with one writing: "So afraid for you at the time. What a scary moment. You dealt with it so well. What a trooper you are Nina."

Nina joined BBC Breakfast in 2018 on a freelance basis before becoming the show's main business presenter in October 2020, taking over from Steph McGovern

The journalist announced that she was pregnant with her third child back in March, revealing that she was struggling with months of "vomiting and migraines"

She added in a post: ""It’s been a funky few months… involving intense migraines, vomiting, morning kebabs, first time acne, small acts of violence against fruit, afternoon kebabs, tears, spontaneous snoozes, anxiety and more kebabs.

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