Queer Eye's Tan France Is Way Too Smart for American Games — Or He's Just Really, Really Bad

The fashion guru partners with Jimmy Fallon against Kevin Bacon and Tariq Trotter and manages to take a very simple game to a whole new level of absurdity.

When it comes to fashion, "Queer Eye’s" Tan France is at the top of his game, but when it comes to Password, he might just be at the bottom. Luckily, he had the most competitive man in late night, Jimmy Fallon, as his partner to help move things along.

The two partnered up against Kevin Bacon and Tariq Trotter of The Roots for what should have been a pretty straightforward game on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday, but thanks to Tan overthinking every possible answer and clue, things quickly veered into the hilarious. And we kept on laughing when he and Jimmy got one right quickly because of his hilarious quick take.

"Of course the gays got–" he began, before looking at Jimmy and correcting, "The gay got that." The word they were trying to figure out was "Madonna."

We’ll give Kevin props for a great guess when Tariq went with "virgin" as his clue. Kevin guessed "Mary." But when that was wrong and Tan tossed "vogue" onto the fire, there was really only one answer. He even sang the word, though he could have tossed in a classic pose to really sell it.

Kevin did that on the quickest answer of the night when he got Tariq to say the word "tuxedo" simply by grabbing his lapels and saying "formal."

"Tan would have said ‘attire,’" Tariq joked, having seen how Tan’s mind works. Brilliantly, Tan quickly shot back, "I was literally thinking ‘attire.’" Had he said it, it would have been an absolute disaster.

Tan completely lost Jimmy when he tried to cite the British show "Robot Wars" by using the second word to try and get Jimmy to say the first, but that was way out of left field and a clear cultural divide. Jimmy thought of "Closet Wars."

But as bad as he was at giving clues, that was nothing to how he did at interpreting clues to try and come up with the answer. If the clue is "scampi," there’s really only one answer that comes to mind, right?

Is that answer "crustacean"? The entire panel, and Steve Higgins as host, absolutely lost it with that one. "Oh, the old overthought," Steve said as he tossed it over to Kevin and Tariq, who easily knew the answer.

"I thought we were doing smarter answers," Tan lamented. "It sounded too easy."

"That’s American TV," Steve countered flawlessly. And maybe that’s the problem. Maybe Tan is just way too smart for this American game show format. With fancy words like "attire" and "crustacean" floating around a pretty straightforward game, no wonder poor Jimmy was lost.

But despite these setbacks, it was a close game until the final buzzer. You’ll have to watch it to see who won and who lost … and you’ll have to figure it out yourself as the points total didn’t line up with the declared winners. Maybe we’re all too smart for this game!?

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