Sarah Ferguson called out by Loose Women as she swerves probe on Andrew romance

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Sarah Ferguson – aka Fergie – featured on Loose Women on Monday to discuss her new book and hilariously swerved the panel's question about her and her ex-husband.

When asked if it was possible if she and Prince Andrew would ever rekindle, Sarah ducked out of the topic by simply bigging him up for being a great grandparent.

Loose Women panellist Jane More asked: "Talking of romance, you've got this book out with this great romantic publisher, I was reading the other day about going up to Balmoral for summer obviously with Andrew and maybe with your daughters.

"And all the public comments about how you're the best of friends, you go on holiday together, you share the same house, you clearly stick up for each other and are the happiest divorced couple you've ever seen.

"Any chance of rekindling or a romance there?"

Sarah, 61, gushed: "My goodness me, you're all fairytale, you've all got your wands out!

"You know what I love, Andrew and I, we remain steadfast. In the past of course co-parenting and now we co-grandparent.

"He is such as good grandfather, and I get a bit of FOMO if you get what that means because he is so good with August.

"He's a thoroughly good man and it's a joy to spend time as a family.

"When we joined together as a family it's a really good thing, and for anyone out there: communicate, compromise compassion."

The panel joked: "Nicely swerved on the romance there," in which they all laughed.

Earlier on the show, she also revealed that she and Princess Diana used to discuss media pressure together.

The Duchess of York said she highlighted the problem of eating disorders in her new romance novel Hearts of Compass and she alluded to the idea that she often felt the pressure from the media to look thin.

She said: "Diana and I used to talk about it a lot and people up about what size you are. I speak openly to you, from here, saying its, ok just be who you are and keep fighting on and don't give up."

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