Scandal Reunion! Tony Goldwyn Tells Kerry Washington the #Olitz Theme Song Still 'Makes Me Cry'

It’s been two years since Tony Goldwyn said goodbye to Scandal, but the show still brings tears to his eyes.

On Tuesday night, Goldwyn — who starred as President Fitzgerald Grant on the ABC drama — reunited with costar Kerry Washington (a.k.a. Olivia Pope) for an Instagram Live in honor of the eighth anniversary of Scandal‘s premiere.

During the reunion, the on-screen love interests reminisced about their time on the series, filled out their 2020 census forms and answered questions from fans. Among the inquiries? “People wanted to ask: What’s your favorite Olitz line?” Washington asked Goldwyn.

“How could it not be ‘one minute’? It’s just ‘one minute.’ Right, like every time we got to say ‘one minute’ I was like [gasp],” Washington, 43, said as she took in a deep breath. “And that music. That crazy music. So good.”

Goldwyn agreed, and said that the music that played when Olivia and Fitz (known to fans as #Olitz) came together continues to make him emotional when he hears it.

“That music, it still makes me cry when I hear that,” said Goldwyn, 59. “Sometimes I’ll be like in an elevator and the Scandal theme will be playing and I’ll be like, ‘Oh God,’ ” he said as he pretended to cry, before breaking into laughter with Washington.

“It’s so pathetic,” he said.

Evidently, Goldwyn isn’t the only one who has been touched by the theme song. According to Washington, “some people have gotten married to that music.”

“People have walked down the aisle to that music,” Washington shared, which came as a surprise to Goldwyn.

“Really?! The impact of Shonda Rhimes’ universe is just incredible,” he said, noting the show’s creator. “What we get to do.”

Washington agreed: “I know.”

Scandal‘s final episode aired on April 18, 2018, after seven seasons. Both Washington and Goldwyn were original cast members since the show premiered in April 2012.

In November 2018, the duo had a mini reunion when the Little Fires Everywhere actress supported Goldwyn at his Broadway play, Network, which also starred Bryan Cranston.

“On her ONE day off from her genius performance in @americansonplay look who came to see me and @bryancranston in @networkbway last night! Love you so much @kerrywashington !!! #scandalfam,” Goldwyn captioned a selfie of the trio backstage.

“Last night we got to see @networkbway and it was AMAZING. It’s bold & innovative & FUN. But also tremendously provocative & moving & important. @bryancranston @tonygoldwyn & @tatianamaslany are truly fantastic. Congrats to the entire company!!!!! So inspiring,” Washington wrote on Instagram.

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